Monday, February 2, 2009

Where has the time gone

Big thanks to my Dad for being my 'Liaison to the federal government'. That means he stood at the post office for me and hand cancelled all the friggin invitations. Maybe I should give everyone who has helped me official titles.

Jeremy: Secretary to the Chief
Robyn: Resident Mediator/Director of mental health services
Beth: Chief chocolate expert/Director of Food
Jay: Liaison to the Federal Government
Debra: Director of Operational Effectiveness
Melissa: Marketing director
Stacy: Personal council
Penny Glassman: Director of vision management
Art Glassman: Project executor
Penny Shapiro: Idea generator

I like them. They have a nice ring to them. I'm thinking I should consider revising the program to reflect the promotions. Did I mention I am a project manager?!

I have had a special request for a Punky report so here goes:
We have switched her from lamb variety to chicken successfully without causing a problem with the "Fecal consumption".

I am thinking of getting her a dress for the wedding. Even though everyone says she can't be in the wedding, she can still sit at Petsmart with a cute dress on. Come on people - its the day she becomes a legitimate child! This is big stuff!

She was given some greenies last week by a coworker of mine, but her daddy made us throw them away because he thought they were too small and she would choke on them. It actually came out as "We wouldn't want my bugaboo to chokey on the greenies..." But no, it wasn't sung, rather it was stated this time.

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Robyn said...

Thank you for my Punky report!! I will repeat my offer to walk her down the aisle. I think she'd look very cute up there under the chuppah.

Resident Mediator/Director of mental health services