Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dance Lesson #3 etc...

We arrive. The front door is locked. Jeremy says, "Oh, darn, guess we have to go home now", and proceeds to sprint towards the car. "No, Jeremy, we can wait a few minutes for him to arrive", I respond. My comment is then followed up by several expletives from his mouth.

We wait, he arrives. Once again, he asks us to start at the beginning and do what we learned last time. This time we made a significant improvement. We remembered about 15% of what we had learned as opposed to last sessions' 5%. We start the dance, I look at Jeremy and he looks a bit strange but I ignore it. Nothing out of the ordinary. I hear a scream from behind, the instructor shouts, "JEREMY - PUT YOUR TONGUE BACK IN YOUR MOUTH, YOU LOOK LIKE A DOG". Oh yea, he was dancing with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. The instructor informed us that this is a common reaction for men when they are thinking hard. And clearly, dancing, for us, requires a lot of thought. I have to say, I concentrate harder in dance classes than at work. So, if, on Saturday you notice Jeremy with his tongue hanging out of his mouth while dancing, feel free to shout and remind him that he looks like his daughter.

Towards the end the instructor reminded us that dance is just not for everyone. Comforting, eh. And that as long as we held it together and did not break down laughing (like we have every single time we have tried it in practice), we should be okay. Chances of this happening, slim to none.

In other news, in case you hadn't heard, we are getting married on Saturday! I know, shocking. Never fear, I found an outfit for the rehearsal dinner. I know you were all so concerned. Seriously, what do you wear to your own rehearsal dinner - when it is at Fuddrucker's?!?!? That is pretty much the impossible situation to dress.

When I get nervous/anxious, I bake. My office currently adores me. Little do they know it will soon end.

Now this is a bit PG-13 rated, so if you're queasy or do not have a dog, I don't recommend you read this section. Punky has a little problem. We hired an in home dog trainer to assist us, consulted her veterinarian several times, read countless articles, but nothing will stop her - - poop eating. She just does it, we can't help it. At home, we know how to handle it, and get her inside and clean it up right away. However, last Friday she went to daycare per usual. Apparently they had a new employee who wasn't as 'quick'. When she wasn't looking, and another dog went #2, punky would grab the poo and hide it under the slide. Then, again when they were not looking she would take out 'snacks' as she saw fit and ate all through the day. My dog is a genius. Later in the day, when they cleaned up, they moved the slide and found Punky's stash of poo and realized what she had been doing. When I picked her up, they had articles and information for me about problems like hers. However, there is really no solution. I have a disgusting, albeit adorable, but disgusting dog. So I had to stand there, and listen to them scold me about my fecal consuming dog. And they scolded me, like it was something she learned from me! Silly people, clearly it's something she learned from her father, not her mother.

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