Monday, March 16, 2009

I have a disease

And it's called shpilkis. Okay, so technically it's called ADHD, but to my family, its called shpilkis. The definition of this condition is as follows: The inability to remain still, leave objects in their rightful place, or stop moving. The uncontrollable propensity towards touching everything, playing with everything and listening to 4 conversations at once. This is my disease. It is something I have lived with my whole life, and something I have learned to cope with.

School: While others sat quietly in their chairs listening to the teacher, or talking to their classmate, I was doing something else. I was balancing a pencil on its eraser, while listening to the weekend plans of the people behind me, analyzing the typeface of the alphabet that lined the room and simultaneously listening to the teacher.

Everyday life: While my family is eating dinner, or enjoying polite conversation - I am twirling chop sticks and then rubbing them together to see if they will spark, along with checking my phone and talking to Jeremy, while also listing to the conversation at the end of the table. (this was yesterday)

Work: I have 5 windows up at all times, writing a letter, talking on the phone to a tenant, checking gmail, buying shoes online, and reviewing financial statements at one time. (all while tapping my feet)

This leads us to a problem. For our honeymoon we have decided to travel to Thailand. I could not be more excited, but this trip requires that we fly there. Fly 21 hours there. Fly 21 hours in a very small chair watching Jerry Maguire on the communal movie screen, likely with soda that I had spilled on myself earlier (I also spill a lot due to lack of attention). HELP!!! Please send me book recommendations, activity books, music playlists. Skip the wedding gift, just help me stay entertained on the flight or Jeremy may not want to be married to me by the time we arrive in Thailand.

SOS - please help.

In other wedding news, I just got an email from my dad confirming the limo for the bridal party for the wedding. Turns out the name of the limo company is "Sexxxy Limo". Should we be concerned?! I can not explain how hard I will laugh if there is a pole in this limo. I love it. Sexxxy limo. Red furry seats, here we come!


Debra Fiterman said...

Dang! I should have gotten my dress tailored MUCH shorter...much more conducive to pole dancing. Jeremy--best of luck to you my friend.

Mel said...

Ryan and I took a protable DVD player. Thought our travel time was only 9 hours, it came in handy when we found out we wouldn't be sitting next to eachother on the first leg of our honeymoon trip. Which brings me to my next tip...check in online the day before!

Some other ideas: Mind Games (sudoku, cross words, etc.), magazines, thank you cards, Thailand travel book, ipod with downloaded tv shows you need to catch up on.

Unknown said...

Bring Benadryl or a mild sleeping aid. Most of these super long flights though have private movie screens on your seat and has multiple movie options. My flight to Bali was the same length and I was surprised how fast it went. You watch movie after movie and sleep. Works out pretty well!

Kara Frank said...

The problem with Northwest - only 1 movie choice. Good thing I never see movies, and am not one bit picky. I'll watch anything, which is good because I won't have a choice about what I'm watching. I have the ambien packed. Good suggesstions! Keep em coming!

DJS said...

2 dramamine for each flight and a glass or two of wine should do the trick.

Steph said...

Jake and I took Mad-libs (a call back to our elementary school days) and crossword puzzles for something different to do. We switched between ipods, airplane movies-- we flew Northwest and they have tons of options with your own screen, sleeping (Dramamine works really well) and mad-libs/crossword puzzles over the course of our eight hour flight. Best wishes!

Dad Jay said...

Remember that I have a DVD player you can borrow. It can be recharged on the plane.

Robyn said...

Food. I know Jer learned this long ago but Kara does not do well when she's hungry. Does not do well is an little bit of an understatement but I won't go there. I would pack a variety of healthy and non-healthy snacks. Maybe even some kind of interactive snack. I don't care that the airline is going to feed you, whatever they give you will be icky and nasty and won't hold you for all those hours. Kara's shpilkis is a lot worse when she's hungry. Also does anyone have a gameboy Kara can borrow?