Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life and stuff

Sorry I've been a slow blogger this week, uh, life - a little busy. Here are some updates in bullet form.

-- You will all hate me, my mom, dad and sister will hate me the most. I've decided to tan for the wedding. Not tan like I want to be a bronze beauty, but tan like I don't want to be BLUE anymore. I am not even white, I'm blue. It's a whole new skin color. Surveys should read...Please check your racial background
1. Caucasian
2. African American
3. Asian
4. Native American
5. So friggin pale, you're blue
That's why I'm doing it. I literally do it for 4 minutes at a time, I just want to be pale instead of blue. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again after these 2 weeks.

-- When I'm stressed, I bake. It's just what I do. Jeremy's office, Debra and various other people are quite enjoying this outlet for my stress. I may be the reason why the rest of our friends and family gain 10 pounds. Sorry. But at least they'll enjoy themselves while doing it. That means 2 more weeks of mad baking - put in your orders people......

-- Debra and Rachel have left me to go to Africa and save children. Ridiculous. Just when I need them. How selfish. Last weekend Debra and I went for Tea at the St. Paul hotel, it was awesome, and we made a list of what I have left to do - quite manageable.

-- My car is starting to look like a bridal shop/locker room/bakery. It's not normal.

-- People really need to RSVP for this wedding, ridiculous. That's not normal either.

-- Target had a wedding shower for us on Wednesday - it was too sweet. It was a banana bread party - couldn't have been any nicer. And even nicer, we're $130 closer to a new sofa. Wooo hooooo

-- Punky's fur is growing back from her stab wound. Maybe by the time of the wedding there will be no evidence of the 'incident'.

-- I'm trying really hard to be careful not to injure myself these next few weeks. I have a tendency to be clumsy and feel like I'm going to fall on my shoulder and get a big bruise, or cut my arm in my sleep. You never know, I do strange things.

I'll end with a poem since you all liked my last one: (or you lied to my face)

Two weeks until the big day
And then we will run away

A day filled with laughter and fun
I am not looking forward to it being done

DQ, photos, speeches and more
Then Jeremy and I will tear up the dance floor

People are coming from near and far
Make sure you drink during the first hour of the bar
(now this doesn't rhyme...but that hour's free ...the Westin Pays....drink then)

We love you all like crazy
By the end it will all be hazy

We'll board a plane
leave the puppy behind
And come home with a brand new name

Much love,

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