Thursday, March 12, 2009


I know I'm anal retentive, okay, now you're all laughing, I'm VERY anal retentive, but when I recieve an invitation in the mail, I decide if I'm going and then send it back right away. And by right away, and I know this is a little crazy, but I am my mother's daughter, I will drive to a mailbox to put it in right away. Same with thank you notes, cards etc.... Must be out of my house ASAP.

Which leads me to my question of why people have not all responded to the wedding invitation. People we know are coming....people in our BRIDAL PARTIES! ACHEM.....(read: respond people!) If you don't respond before March 19 you will be getting food option D. What is option D you may ask? Canidae lamb variety (that's punky's food). Now punk loves it, but I've smelled a lot of Canidae lamb variety, and it is not nice smelling stuff. It does not compliment the flavors in a DQ blizzard so well. Moral of the story, respond or you're eating dog food. :-) Love you all!

In other news, I had my final dress fitting, and uh, it fits. I guess that's what you do in a fitting. It was a little depressing to see how much fabric they had to take off in the dress shortening process. I could have donated it to another little person to make a dress. That scrap of fabric they took off easily cost me $300.

In a final bit of news, I need to express my love for a new man in my life. Move over Jeremy, there's a new man in town. Martin Joseph Gelfman, Dori and Danny's son (for now). We babysat Marty last weekend, and I am seriously having a love affair with this child. He is about the cutest thing you've ever seen, and about the happiest baby I've ever met. If you know Dori and Danny, offer to babysit their child, he is pretty darn amazing. I know Brad and Emily have their eyes on another friend's baby for Tessa, but I think they're wrong - I think Tessa Frank and Marty Gelfman could be very happy together. Tessa and Marty Gelfman. They already sound a bit like an 80 year old couple. I love it. Call me a matchmaker.

That's about all for now - 3 weeks until the wedding!

Lots of love!

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