Friday, March 27, 2009

A team member, is a team member.

This is a favorite phrase of a certain soon-to-be husband of mine. He works for the fine red and khaki, Target. We love Target. In fact, I don't actually think I could live without it. I love just about everything about it - okay, now come to think of it - I can't think of anything I don't love. But there is that one little thing...the perception that Target employees work so hard. ECHEM... JEREMY! As we are getting ready this morning Jeremy off-handedly mentions to me, after what has been a very 'stressful' week, "Have you ever heard of Bunko?" I respond, "Well my boss calls it 'Drunko' and says the ladies in her neighborhood like to play, but otherwise no, I don't know what it is". "Why?" I asked. "Well, because you won't be able to get ahold of me this afternoon, we're playing Bunko all afternoon." WORKING HARD EH????? Bunko!?!?!? I will be slaving away yelling at stupid tenants, hiding out from annoying vendors, and avoiding the financial statements that I do not want to review while you play Bunko?!?!? Target is a very stressful place to work as you can see. Saving the world, one plus sized bathing suit at a time.
(But seriously Target, thanks for the paycheck - we do love you)

Now I'm getting stressed and it is showing in my sleeping patterns. Last night, I apparently woke Jeremy up in the middle of the night and asked him to "Roll over on you back so I can give you a back rub". A. That makes no sense B. It was 1:30 in the morning C. If you know me, you know the last thing I'm going to do at 1:30 in the morning is be nice.

Things I am worried about (note their trivial nature and yet, these are the things that are concerning to me, so just deal with it)
1. I do not yet have a travel outfit for our 21 hour flight to Thailand. This really stressing me out. I never said they were logical, I just said they were stressors.

2. I have decided I do not like my top for the rehearsal dinner and need to find something else.

3. I am worried DQ will not show up for the wedding. There is no reason for me to believe they won't. Again, I did not say these were rational concerns.

4. I had a nightmare that the rabbi forgot it was a wedding and broke out into repetitions of 'Hallelujah'. FYI: if you are not Jewish, neither Jewish weddings nor religious services include loud repetitions of Hallelujah.

5. I am stressed about people being late to things - this is not something I can control so I therefore have decided to ignore this one and focus on things I can, such as a travel outfit.

6. I need all bridesmaids to get along. Critical.

7. I have the fillet o fish song stuck in my head. Not helping.
Gimme back that fillet-o-fish
Gimme that fish
Gimme back that fillet-o-fish
Gimme that fish
What if it was you
hanging up on this wall?
If you were in that sandwich
you wouldn’t be laughing at all!

8. At least it's keeping my mind off the travel outfit.

9. I want to be sitting in my snuggie right now.

Okay, so there are my worries, concerns, and random ruminations.

We met with the Westin yesterday and Jeremy worked his Hotel-ey charm and conned the Westin out of an extra night in the suite so he's staying in the honeymoon suite Friday AND Saturday night.

Gimme back that fillet o me now.


Unknown said...

Kara you have got to be kidding me! I have had the fillet o fish song stuck in my head for days now too!!! What is up with all the fast food restaurants pushing the fish sandwiches lately anyway?

Kara Frank said...

Jessica - my christian friend...ITS LENT!!! (this from a Jew!)

Amie said...

Oh Kara, how I miss you sitting on the other side of the wall from me :) We could sing and sing and sing...Your concerns seem logical to me, it is a very big deal to pick an outfit to wear for 21 hours, I mean how often do you have to do that? Once again I am very sorry that Jersty was not as successful in the tourney as they would have liked.