Thursday, April 30, 2009

And along came Yoga

Most of you know I love yoga. I am the strange person who likes to work out, who actually loves to work out. Our honeymoon being no exception. We were at the gym almost every day - critical to sanity. Now, once we got to Phuket however, they had classes. All kinds including Yoga and Yogalates. So clearly, I had to take them.

Day 1: Yogalates. We arrive. Meekly walk in, reminiscent of our dance class days. Wander up to the counter. The man asks, "can I help you". Jeremy turns away, as though the man would throw a dagger at him for entering the gym. I looked at him and said, "uh, sir, we're here for yogalates, I think". "Ahh, ahh, yes, towel, water...go sit, wait". Okey. Done. We are soon guided out to the hotel common area where we walk through winding tree lined paths to what we learned was called the 'Wellness Sala'. In otherwords, small, poorly air conditioned shack. However, it was quite beautiful with trees all around and nothing but glass to see out.

We walk in, quizically look around and take a seat on our mats. The man tells us to lie flat on our mats, face down. He then says something, which I swear was in Thai, and sounded something like, "Nah strach za eech acing ahhhh". In Minnesota, when we start yoga in such a position there are typically some calming words spoken, motivating phrases, things like that. I assumed that this was just such a phrase, just one I didn't understand. However, a few momements later I hear rustling and notice that everyone is standing with their backs arched and I am laying down face flat on the ground. And my new husband stares at me on the brink of laughter. "I CAN'T UNDERSTAND HIM", I state, in a not so quiet tone.

Yoga teacher then states, "beeth wi ya yip gay". I brushed this off thinking that it was part of the 98% of of supposed English that I did not understand. However, a few moments later, he repeats, "beeth wi ya yip gay" - in a seriously animated tone. This goes on, for several minutes, repeating the same phrase until I fall, perilously, onto my mat in a heap of histaric laughter. The class, staring at me, while I am laughing at whatever, "beeth wi ya yip gay" is. Jeremy turns to me - stares me in the eye, as I am inconsolably laughing and says, "Kara, breathe with your rib cage". He was trying to tell me to breathe with my rib cage. Oh yea, like that was super clear!

Day #2. Because Yogalates was just so much fun we decide to go to Power Yoga. Power Yoga is what I do at home, so I thought, this will be great! Not so. Again, we encounter the all too familiar language barrier. This is coming from the girl, who will sit for hours and listen to people speaking languages other than English, which I do not understand, but try to piece together with their managerism. However, in Yoga, this is not as possible. I must listen, and I must respond with action to the instructor's words.

This next instructor's words were more discernable, but nonethe less hilarious. This gentleman proceeds to shout what sounds to me like, "DUCK PO-SIT-SHON". For the rest of us that is Dog Position, which is then translated to Downward facing dog. Thankfully, I was able to make the connections to figure this one out, but nonetheless, still fell on the ground in histaric duck-position laughter about 6 times.

In general Phuket news, we are happy that we are now here as the rioting in Bangkok has gotten quite bad. We have had good timing, and are hoping things will calm down before we go back. Our families are starting to get pretty nervous....For now, we'll just be happy we are far away from Bangkok.

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Amie said...

Thank you for making me laugh so hard that I am now the crazy girl that laughs for no apparent reason alone in my office...