Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It is blizzarding outside

and I'm just going to roll with it. This is precisely why Minnesota rabbi's will not do outside weddings. Who knows when it will start to blizzard the first day of April.
I will instead recount the positive aspects of the impending weather forecast...

1. if it hails, and your cars all get damaged, you will get new ones - which isn't half bad. Maybe we should leave Jeremy's car outside this weekend and hope for hail!

2. If it sleets, then we're lucky because it's not raining and its not snowing.

3. Sleet means it is not -20. Which is a good thing all around.

4. Decreases the chance for a forest fire. I am a friend to Smokey the Bear.

5. Pictures in the rain could be kind of cool. Lindsay and I did an amazing dance to singin' in the rain when we were young. She has it on tape. We could reenact it.

6. My hair doesn't do what I want to ever, rain or not.

7. Jeremy loves storms.

8. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck.

9. My shoes are closed toe for just such a possibility.

AND NUMBER 10 REASON WHY I DON'T CARE IF IT BLIZZARDS/SLEETS/RAINS ON MY WEDDING DAY. It will just put us in the mood for DQ Blizzards!!!!!

In other important news, I found a travel outfit. I know you were all just on the edge of your seats nervous.

I got a call from the band director yesterday and it went something like this:
Band Director (BD): Hello Kara, don't worry about a thing, we play at the Marriott Southwest all the time, we've got it down.

Kara: Good for you, but I don't really give a c**** about the Marriott Southwest. Uh, I mean, that was rude, what the f*** are you talking about?

BD: ...For your reception, starting at 7pm, we are playing outside weather permitting....

Kara: Uh buddy, if you are at my wedding, at the Marriott southwest playing outside (weather permitting) at 7:00pm on Saturday, you know what is going to hit the fan. But if you want - go ahead and play outside, it will make it easier to run away from me when I come a callin'

BD: Kara? Kara Jordani?

Kara: No sir, this is Kara Weinblatt. Kara Jordani happens to be my next door neighbor, but this is Kara Weinblatt's wedding. THIS WEEKEND. INSIDE. AT THE WESTIN EDINA GALLERIA.

BD: Oh, I had you mixed up with another wedding. The Westin, right, the Westin.

Kara (thought bubble): If this yahoo can get his head on straight, we will have music. If not, Jeremy and I will be singing. That should be some significant warning for the Westin to get them there because let me tell you, if possible, our singing is worse than our dancing. And you know how well the dancing is turning out!

T-3 days!


Anonymous said...

Your band should have just said April Fools and hung up...that would have went over better!

Mel said...

Ha! Let's hope the band shows up!

Sara said...

I can have my mom overnight my clarinet... I know you used to play.

I got some travel stuff for you. When can I get it to you before you jet off to Thailand?

Kara said...

Hi Kara,
I saw this in your blog and of course had to comment . . . I have already had a number of interesting conversations with him, I hope they showed up on time (and in the right location) :) I'll make sure to keep on top of him in the weeks leading up to our wedding . . . I still can't believe he got us confused! Someone should buy that man a calendar and show him how to use it.

Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon ...
Kara Jordani (aka the neighbor that Marsh was referring to)