Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Before we left for this Honeymoon adventure, Debra informed us of a phrase she likes to use when visiting Africa. TIA (This is Africa). This references things that just would not happen in the US, and you simply have to shrug it off and say, TIA, and that's how it is.

Well, we've had many, many TIA (this is Asia) experiences thus far, but none on the negative end, rather quite positive, TIA - this would never happen in America.

---TIA - our 2nd flight was quite delayed and our driver simply stood there and waited for us for several hours. When we arrived she simply said, 'you must be so tired'. TIA.

--- As we walked into the Hotel in Bangkok I was greeted at the door with a bouquet of roses, and the friendliest man you could ever hope to meet at 2:30am greeting me with, 'Congratulations, Mrs. Frank'. "Did you arrange for this?" I questioned Jeremy. "HAH - NO!" He responded. TIA. (we proceed to go up to our room with 4 'helpers' to find the room with vases of roses EVERYWHERE - thanks to the Royal Orchid Sheraton)

--- This morning we visited Wat Po. Now I would like to recount some amazing story of what Wat Po is, but the natives English is meager at best, and what they do say is close to incomprehensible - so this is what I know after visiting. Wat Po is an amazing garden with one GIANT leaning gold Buddha, and several smaller sitting Buddhas, each in separate buildings. At the end of Wat Po is a massage building, where, for $6.00 US you can get a 45 minute reflexology foot massage. 2 PLEASE! And they were amazing. TIA

--- We then visited the single most amazing mall ever. Now you may think I say this due to the shops or the size. No, I say this because of the food court. The shops, yes, they were unreal (Gucci, Prada, Tiffany, Kate Spade, ridiculous....), but the food court - now that was out of this world. I have never in my life seen anything like it. There were about 50 different booths with various Thai food options, buns, curry's, rice and noodle dishes, soups etc... Then, we soon realized that the Thai's value dessert. Mom - you would love it here. About 65% of this food court was consumed with bakeries, ice cream shops, fro yo shops, gelato, cookies, bulk candy - like NOTHING I have ever seen before. part - free samples of everything! We literally could not make it through the entire place. My favorite shop - they had an entire booth with various kinds of buttered bread. Yes, buttered bread. (plain butter, almond butter, sage butter, sweet butter, peanut butter) We might bring this concept to the US. Think about the overhead - $0. TIA.

--- Next we visited a custom tailor shop (well actually many tailor shops until we found the one we were looking for). Tailor shops are on every corner, more realistically - 5 per corner, seriously, everywhere you look - THAI MASSAGE / TAILOR SHOP. It is Jeremy's dream. He ordered 2 custom suits, 5 custom shirts, and 2 silk ties for $420 US. And that was the most upgraded fabric choice. Has anyone ever seen that Seinfeld where Jerry goes to George's tailor for the first time and he touches him inappropriately? Starts measuring in places that are not quite necessary? Well that is slightly reminiscent of this place. I didn't know there were that many measurements that could possibly be taken. This could be a problem...we already brought 4 suitcases on the way here! TIA

--- Now we were tired so we felt like we deserved massage #2 of the day. This time, true Thai massage. This involved us both disrobing and putting on silk pajamas. We then lay and wait for these small Thai women to enter our booth. We look up - there they are, and the proceed to climb upon us. Walk on us. Yank us. I swear, they pulled my thigh up to my ear. I heard things crack I didn't even know I had. I had a little Thai woman climb on me for 60 minutes. For $9 each! TIA

--- And on our way back from the city we waited for the water taxi to board. Yes, that is how we travel in Bangkok. Via water taxi. The taxi picks us up at our hotel and takes us where we need to go, or to the place where we need to transfer to a different form of transportation. Well this sounds fun and neat until a person has had 3 bottles of water before they board the single most rocky form of personal transportation known to man. This was the final thought to go through my mind as our taxi pulled up to our hotel, "Its okay, you can go now, you don't know anyone here, you can just tell them, 'I swear its sweat'". TIA (it is flipping hot here)

For now we have Internet in our hotel - I hope to write again tomorrow. Much love to everyone - we are having a blast - you all need to come here stat! And if you're wondering how I did on the flight, clearly I was tired - I slept 17 of the 21 hours of the flight!!!!


Amie said...

So glad to see you are having fun (and blogging) sounds very interesting...can't wait to have ya back in the office. :)

Unknown said...

What a great start to a honeymoon and a marriage (except for the 3 bottles of water)! Can't wait to hear about it in person, see pictures, and just see you both.




Dad Jay said...

Thanks for the Blog keep it coming. I filled your tire with air and will watch it for a few days.

Mel said...

YA! I'm so glad to see you are blogging from Thailand! Great deal on the suits! So far, it sounds like an amazing trip. I can't wait to see pictures and hear about more of your adventure.

Anonymous said...

I want to be in Thailand now! $8 massages I need to live there! Sounds fantastic!