Sunday, April 5, 2009

We got hitched

So we had this little shindig this past weekend, okay, so a big shindig - the wedding! I will not bother to recount every detail of the day, though if you want me to, that would make me quite happy! However, as you must realize by now I like lists. Below are a few from the wedding day to tell you a bit about April 4, 2009:

Top 10 funniest moments:
1. Jeremy saying that he blessed the rings instead of blessing Israel in the ceremony.
Jeremy: And g-d bless these rings
Rabbi: Israel, Jeremy. G-d bless Israel, not rings.
Rings are lovely, but we don't need to bless them. They are sparkly all on their own, no blessing necessary.

2. For those of you who were not at the rehearsal dinner, you may not know that Jeremy was the youngest winner of the WCCO Good Neighbor award for his 'work at Meadowbrook elementary school'. Yes, he hung out with the ladies in the office and helped them sort papers. Art found the tape and replayed his award winning announcement.

3. Apparently it is not easy to bustle a dress. I found myself in the middle of the cocktail hour in the bathroom with Debra trying to fix my dress. She couldn't get it so my accountant's wife (who also happens to be one of Jer's high school teachers) and her mom had to climb UNDER my dress to bustle it. Hot.

4. Jer jumped the gun a bit and proclaimed: I DO ....and all the rabbi had said was, "Do you take..." In his defense it was a bit of a pregnant pause, but regardless!

5. Dave Weil - announced he had changed his ways and would not be the drunkest at the reception. 4 hours later, you could find Dave Weil in the bathroom, face down.

6. SeXXXy limo lived up to expectations - it had neon lights coming out of the bottom!

7. Our photographer decided to take us to, "a nearby location with great architecture". Turns out it was Welsh Companies - my former employer. Oh yea, took pics at good ol Welsh.

8. We did not face plant during our dance. That may not seem funny, but really - it was a small miracle and must be mentioned - The dancing gods were looking down on us.

9. Apparently my father is going out to New York to visit Jeremy's college friends. Or so they told me. Wonder how my mom's going to feel about that one.... :-)

10. And the single funniest moment of the day was when Jeremy realized in rehearsal that he was not tall enough to get my veil over my head in the ceremony. He couldn't reach. No worries, my mom was tall enough to reach. She lifted it off.

The #1 most common comment of the night: You look beautiful, I LOVE your blog!
This comment came from people ranging in age from 15-86. That makes me so happy!!! I am so thrilled people are reading it! It you continue reading, I will continue writing. I even have a name for my new blog ....
Kara was

Like it??? I'm sure I'll find nonsense to write about it my audience remains. Sally Shiff says she's going to work on a business plan for a book deal...publish the blog?! I'm not entirely sure who would want to read my craziness, but maybe, heck, you all read it, and I like you guys. Well most of you. KIDDING. All of you. usually.

On a final note: We leave for Thailand tomorrow morning. I will try my best to blog from Thailand. I am feeling like quite the ignorant traveler at this moment. I am fairly decent at languages, but Thai, I just can't get. I have however learned 2 critical phrases.
#1. Help, I have diarrhea.
#2. These drugs aren’t mine. (This one I know because it was on the Thai app for my iphone - why, I have no clue)

Keep watching the blog, hopefully I can update. I love you all. More wedding details will be shared after we get back. For now, thank you all - you really don't know how much it means to me that you read this. May seem silly, but I really do love to hear that.


Anonymous said...

Are you seriously blogging already! You crazy bride. Beautiful Wedding and gorgeous bride. Although I would love to read about your adventures from Thailand enjoy yourself first and you'll have plenty of time to write when you get home. Cause when you return you will simply be married. And what will people talk to you about then? At least that is how I felt, what are people going to talk to me about now that I am married?

Sara said...

Sara's Top Moments (in no particular order):
1. Cute Kar/Jer stories from the rabbis (um.. white wine? you'd never hear that at a Cahtolic wedding :) )
2. Gorgeous smile permanently plastered on Kara's face
3. Horah.. Jody explained to me it's just a bunch of Jews bouncing and clapping.. plus lots of fun!
4. "Stupid $*#&*@s you're supposed to be dancing with me!!" as Kara proceeds to sit down and chat while all of us &*#(@s get up to dance..
5. First dance.. holy crap that was cute. By far the most entertaining, fun, cute dance. Great song choice.. I've never seen a first dance that was choreographed or more than the usual "sway side to side for 3minutes"
6.Cake.. mmmmmm
7. Open bar (although definately not a top moment this morning. and afternoon)
8. The after party where Kara tried to hook up as many singles as possible. Sorry to disappoint, Kara.
9. Jay dancing.. your dad had such a blast and it was so much fun to watch!
10. Getting to be a part of such a special day!! Soooo happy I could be there!

I love you so much!! I am so happy you found someone who is so incredibly perfect foryou. You really do compliment each other very well.

You better keep blogging!! I love hearing your stories!

Sara :)

Unknown said...

Yes! Stacy and I were talking a few months back about how you really have a flair for the writing/blogging. You are going to be a star! Thank you so much for having me around on your big day, so much love to you both!

teamsandn said...

Ya for kara & Jeremy! I will most certainly continue reading your blog long after wedding plans cease - thanks to this blog, I sometimes feel like you and I are the old friends, not me and Jer! You're great Kara, so happy for you both. Have an awesome honeymoon!

much love,