Friday, April 17, 2009

We're back - safe and sound - and sunburned.

Jeremy before our first Thai massage:

I'm sorry I was not able to post more on the trip - our access to internet was limited, and well, once we got to Phuket - I was too dang sunburned to type on a computer. Have I mentioned yet that Thailand is the worlds hottest place? However, I am a loyal blogger (ACHEM DEBRA FITERMAN WHO IS NOT!) and I wrote blog posts on our little computer in Thailand so I will now post them day by day - enjoy! Or ignore if you find it mind bogglingly boring. However, here's hoping that's not the case.

Day 2

In an effort to save you from a play by play of each day, I will simply outline a few ‘significant’ events of our trip to Thailand.

Let me preface this with some background information. A few weeks ago we went to see a movie, Taken. Let me preface that with the knowledge that I hate scary movies. When I was young, my cousin Jen used to make me watch America’s Most Wanted and I hated it. I had nightmares about it. Still do. Nothing has changed. I still hate scary movies, and I cannot stop thinking about them for months if not years. Taken is the story of a girl who visits Europe with a friend and is kidnapped and sold into the sex and drug industry. There is one scene where the girl is fully doped up and abused, chained to a bed inside a room with purple curtains as walls with gold tassels adorning the walls. There are girls upon girls in these little rooms separated by curtains, all of whom are passed out waiting for their next client. Nightmares.

Relevance: Today we visited a spa again. Now, I should use the term spa lightly. Jeremy decided that since the place we visited the day prior was a bit rough on his back, that we should try a new place. So we did. He found this place, and we entered the storefront, well I should say - we stood at the door and I made Jeremy walk in first. He meekly entered as I followed behind, hiding behind him. We followed the signs stating, “Foot reflexology and massage” up three stories of steps. We walk to a glass door, a Thai woman spots us and comes running - hands in the air. Clearly, we are the first clients she has seen in quite some time. We walk in. We choose the hour long foot massage for $150 Baht (about $4.00). We meander back to the rooms and are greeted by two Thai women who quite literally push us into bark-a-loungers. Surrounding these bark loungers are purple curtains serving as walls. On each wall hangs a gold tassel. In each room sit’s a little Thai woman, waiting to rub our feet. Understand the previous reference now? I have a flashback and get quite nervous. Taken.

We sit and proceed to have our feet assaulted for the next 60 minutes. They call it foot reflexology, I call it foot assault. The foot massage concludes with the little Thai women telling us to sit on the floor. They then crack our backs and flip us over before we stand up and bleary eyed stumble out of the ‘spa’. Foot assault. But really, it was pretty darn amazing. The US needs to get on this $4 hour long foot massage train - we would be a much happier people.

River Taxi from our hotel:

Wat Po which we saw on our first day:

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That pic of Jeremy in the silk pjs is priceless! I can't wait to hear and see more.

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