Thursday, May 28, 2009

Secret life of...

Jeremy Scott Frank.

Last week a new restaurant opened in town, Burger Jones. We live in an exciting city, but not so exciting that a new restaurant is old news. Quite the opposite, it is big news. Therefore, my friends and I decided we would visit, because of course, the restaurant was just waiting for us to try it. Lindsay's birthday - there's the occasion! We will go to Burger Jones for Lindsay's birthday! And so we did.

We sat down, started chatting, when a shriek erupts from Debra's mouth. JEREMY - YOU ARE ON THE WALL. "Excuse me?" We all replied.... He is what? We simultaneously turn our heads, and our mouths too fall open. Aghast.

See evidence below

Now review Jeremy:

I am married to a man who never told me he was a burger model. I feel so duped. I recommend you visit Burger Jones to visit Jeremy. And while you're there, have a salted carmel milkshake for me. It's quite delicious.

As a side note, thank you so much to everyone who has donated already for the breast cancer three day. I cannot thank you enough. It means the world to me.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will walk for lunch...

As many of you know, I will be doing the Breast Cancer 3 day walk this August with my friend Debra, so we had some training walking to do this past weekend. Saturday was a 10 mile walk, Monday was a 6 mile walk. The breast cancer 3 day is a 3-day, 60 mile walk to support breast cancer research. We each have to raise $2300 for the walk - so as a side note, if you can donate - I would greatly appreciate it!

To donate:

Since I no longer have an impending wedding to plan...I will periodically post updates about our training walks. I could post the ones that are something like this, "This weekend we walked 16 miles. It was long. It was nice outside. We liked the trees".

I am much more likely however to post updates such as this:

While walking this weekend Debra and I devised a plan. Lie. I devised a plan which Debra was thrilled with. This is what we would do....we would send an email our to our friends and family. We need places to walk for training - so we would ask who wanted us to walk to their house. We would walk to their house (minnetonka, south minneapolis, golden valley, maple grove (okay maybe we'd drive part of the way and walk the rest)) and then they would make us lunch once we arrived!

"How excited they would be!" Kara proclaimed
"They may even decorate for us! Pink streamers perhaps" Debra exhalted
"They will make our favorite foods and will be cheering for us when we arrived" Kara asserted.

A flawless plan. How excited everyone will be that we will walk to their house.

Fast forward about an hour. Jeremy, Alex and Abby pick us up from Texa Tonka (where we walked to). We told them about our nice walk, and then led into our new plan. Jeremy looked at me quizically. Alex looked a bit astounded. Abby started laughing. Jeremy bursts out, "That is the worst plan I have ever heard. Why would they make you lunch because you walked to their house? Why will they be so excited?!"

Kara and Debra: "Uh, they'll be excited because we walked there"



Kara and Debra: "We swear, it seemed like an outstanding idea around mile 9 today"

Those will be the more likely updates. I promise there will be more. And, on the off chance you would like us to walk to your house, we would love lunch. Just as long as its not tuna fish. We both hate tuna fish.

If you can donate, anything you can give would be appreciated. This is an amazing cause which has touched of our lives. Please donate or I'll stop blogging. Ohhhhh....threat!!!!

Much love,


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cop training 101

Yesterday, after finishing a lovely dinner at Redstone with my mom, Jeremy and I were driving home. I got a text from a friend who asked if we could stop by her house for a minute to pick something up. We diverted from our travels home to pick up the belated wedding gift.

We turned off of 394 on to Louisiana Avenue. We drove straight and happened upon a flock of what appeared to be police officers. I immediately screamed that someone must have gotten shot. No worse, gang fight. Worse yet, cat stuck in a tree.

Nope, none of those. Clearly day #1 of cop training.

Today's lesson: directing traffic. We pulled into the intersection with the stop light turned off and noticed more clearly that there were 12 year old police officers, okay well maybe not 12, but they were not a day over 14, I swear, they were young. Two 'police officers' were in the street while approximately 15 stood on the sidelines, watching the action.

We pull up. An approximately 12 year old female officer looks at us and points to the right. The 15 year old male officer looks the other way and points for that side of traffic to go the same way she did. Had the cars obeyed their commands it would have been a head on collision. The pseudo officers then look at each other and start to argue while traffic piles up. They stop fighting and resume their traffic cop duties. Sortof.

As you see in this photo below - the officers continued to resemble to scarecrow as they pointed traffic in opposite directions. Jeremy and I then almost caused our own collision as we wet our pants laughing at the situation.

And that is today's story of the day. And we should all now hold hands and recite a prayer that these officers failed traffic school and will now be working at McDonalds. If not, think twice before you follow the next traffic cop's direction!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Today's Question:

This will be a new blog addition for my loyal readers (all 4 of you). Once in a while I will pose a question. Please respond!

Today's Question:

Someone just called my office phone. I didn't feel like talking so I said,
"Kara is unavailable right now. Can I transfer you to her voicemail?"

And did so.

Is that wrong? It worked like a charm! I didn't have to talk to them!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The first time swear words were uttered in Murray's...

First, I must begin with an apology. As you all know, I am a loyal blogger. I try not to go more than a few days without blogging for fear I will lose my fan base (which I fear is only like 6 people). However, this week I have been attending continuing education courses for work - have been away from my computer - and have had a ridiculously busy week. (we need a bit of time for this wound to heal, but expect a very entertaining post to come soon with the story of the car we bought for 26 hours)

Not an excuse. But I'm sorry. It will never happen again.

Most of you may not know of the amazing deal that we have in Minnesota at one of our finest restaurant establishments. In these times of economic challenges, we must embrace the situation and eat cow. That's what Obama says. Kind of. Okay, so that's a few steps removed, but here's how I got there.

1. I love cow
2. I had a serious craving for said cow
3. I called my most meat loving friend Debra to tell her we needed to eat said animal, and I knew just the place.
4. Murray's has a PHENOMENAL deal. Walk in and tell them you want the 'Kara Special' anytime before 6:00, Monday - Friday and you get a 3 course meal for $19.95. Oh yea baby, the Kara Special.
5. Now if you are dumb enough to believe you actually tell them it's the Kara Special, then lets hope you didn't get this far in reading and haven't noticed my insult. But seriously - AMAZING deal.
6. We arrive - for the geriatric timed dinner at 5:30...Jeremy and Kara...waiting for Debra and Alex to arrive. We get nervous...the clock is ticking, the waitress is circling our table in her knee high compression tights and Navy Rockport 'heels'. Tick tock...5:42....HURRY - the deal is only until 6:00. Waitress who appears as though she has not left Murray's since 1962 stops by our table to gruffly remind us that the early bird special runs only until 6:00. Jeremy nervously texts Debra...WHERE ARE YOU. Time is running out, you must hurry. 5:54...Debra and Alex walk in. We hurry them to sit and decide what they would like to order.

Though really, what is there to decide. One piece of delicious cow please. Pronto.

We order. Moooo.

Salads arrive. I am certain this china was stolen from my Grandmother's house.

And then....the main event...

The finest piece of of steak I have seen in a while arrives before my face for the low, low price of $19.95 because we my friends, we were able to shout our order to our 98 year old Murray's waitress at a feverish pace before the clock struck 6:00.

It was fabulous. I can still taste it. Guess that means I need to floss.

And to top it off, dessert. I chose the bread pudding, which smelled and tasted like fall. Which I love. When Weight Watchers tells you food cannot make you happy - I dare them to try a well prepared steak. And then tell me food does not make them happy. Followed by dessert. Euphoria.

Side notes of the experience in poem form: (because you all miss my poetry)

Inside Murray's we sat
Waiting for that thing that makes us fat
So excited we didn't even care
I would have eaten if even if it had a hair

The restaurant surroundings were dated
Clearly, on redecoration they have waited
The chair in which I sat
May have once held a cat

The staff were clearly the originals
I am convinced they sleep in the kitchen
Stockings hanging from the pots
Razors rest in the spoons

Nonetheless the food is outstanding
though relating to the time they are demanding
A good ol classic place
You just can't fake that kind of taste

So here's to Murray's and cow
and friends who will allow
us to dine on such delicious chow
and not to forget that vow
and the great husband I have now

Seriously. Get to Murray's.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving on

The honeymoon was fantastic...perfect...wonderful...but now on to the blog of everyday life. I will keep it fun, I promise. I even have a new name for it, but my computer skills have not allowed me to figure out how to do it READ: Debra, help me fix it. It will be: Okay, so maybe that's only funny to me. My dad liked it. Which brings me to my first topic of conversation today...

Yesterday we went to my parents to drop something off. We walk in, clearly I am in la-la land, allergies are hitting me hard, and I sit down. I ask my mom to medicate me as it feels as though an elephant has landed itself on my face. Jeremy and my dad chat. I whine. A bit later we depart, and walk out the door. I notice that all of the trees are missing from my parents lot line. Where have the trees gone?? "Kara, we have just, for the last 20 minutes been discussing the tree situation" I maintain, this was not a topic of conversation. We leave, and the entire car ride home I question Jeremy about the missing trees. Apparently the conversation that I missed went something like this,

My dad decides to cut down some dying trees and rents a chainsaw. Jewish man and chainsaw, not the worlds best combination.

In the midst of cutting down the first tree, tree trimmers happen to drive by and ask if they can finish the job. My dad obliges and turns over the chainsaw and allows the professionals to do the job.

A. Where was I when this conversation occured?
B. Tree trimmers just happened to drive by? All dressed and ready to chop trees?
C. Why are we cutting trees down?

Still confused. 12 hours later. Trolling tree trimmers? Jewish man cutting down random trees? Confused.

On a more interesting note, Friday night we went out do dinner with our friend, Dannon. We visited one of our favorite spots, Wasabi sushi. It used to be a nice-ish sushi place with great, reasonably priced rolls. It has now turned into dance club. Okay, well maybe not a dance club. But its menu would have you think it was.
Please Review:

I was nauseous looking at the menu. That also may have been from the gong that they found quite fun to bang, or gong, or whatever you call it when you strike a gong. But seriously - that has to be the funniest menu I have ever seen. And by funny, I mean nauseating.