Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The first time swear words were uttered in Murray's...

First, I must begin with an apology. As you all know, I am a loyal blogger. I try not to go more than a few days without blogging for fear I will lose my fan base (which I fear is only like 6 people). However, this week I have been attending continuing education courses for work - have been away from my computer - and have had a ridiculously busy week. (we need a bit of time for this wound to heal, but expect a very entertaining post to come soon with the story of the car we bought for 26 hours)

Not an excuse. But I'm sorry. It will never happen again.

Most of you may not know of the amazing deal that we have in Minnesota at one of our finest restaurant establishments. In these times of economic challenges, we must embrace the situation and eat cow. That's what Obama says. Kind of. Okay, so that's a few steps removed, but here's how I got there.

1. I love cow
2. I had a serious craving for said cow
3. I called my most meat loving friend Debra to tell her we needed to eat said animal, and I knew just the place.
4. Murray's has a PHENOMENAL deal. Walk in and tell them you want the 'Kara Special' anytime before 6:00, Monday - Friday and you get a 3 course meal for $19.95. Oh yea baby, the Kara Special.
5. Now if you are dumb enough to believe you actually tell them it's the Kara Special, then lets hope you didn't get this far in reading and haven't noticed my insult. But seriously - AMAZING deal.
6. We arrive - for the geriatric timed dinner at 5:30...Jeremy and Kara...waiting for Debra and Alex to arrive. We get nervous...the clock is ticking, the waitress is circling our table in her knee high compression tights and Navy Rockport 'heels'. Tick tock...5:42....HURRY - the deal is only until 6:00. Waitress who appears as though she has not left Murray's since 1962 stops by our table to gruffly remind us that the early bird special runs only until 6:00. Jeremy nervously texts Debra...WHERE ARE YOU. Time is running out, you must hurry. 5:54...Debra and Alex walk in. We hurry them to sit and decide what they would like to order.

Though really, what is there to decide. One piece of delicious cow please. Pronto.

We order. Moooo.

Salads arrive. I am certain this china was stolen from my Grandmother's house.

And then....the main event...

The finest piece of of steak I have seen in a while arrives before my face for the low, low price of $19.95 because we my friends, we were able to shout our order to our 98 year old Murray's waitress at a feverish pace before the clock struck 6:00.

It was fabulous. I can still taste it. Guess that means I need to floss.

And to top it off, dessert. I chose the bread pudding, which smelled and tasted like fall. Which I love. When Weight Watchers tells you food cannot make you happy - I dare them to try a well prepared steak. And then tell me food does not make them happy. Followed by dessert. Euphoria.

Side notes of the experience in poem form: (because you all miss my poetry)

Inside Murray's we sat
Waiting for that thing that makes us fat
So excited we didn't even care
I would have eaten if even if it had a hair

The restaurant surroundings were dated
Clearly, on redecoration they have waited
The chair in which I sat
May have once held a cat

The staff were clearly the originals
I am convinced they sleep in the kitchen
Stockings hanging from the pots
Razors rest in the spoons

Nonetheless the food is outstanding
though relating to the time they are demanding
A good ol classic place
You just can't fake that kind of taste

So here's to Murray's and cow
and friends who will allow
us to dine on such delicious chow
and not to forget that vow
and the great husband I have now

Seriously. Get to Murray's.


Scorpicon said...

Moooo. Hom nom nom.

It really was delicious!

Debra Fiterman said...

mmmm...good stuff.

I agree that our WW leader has never eaten at Murray's. All that fiber and those Smart Ones have impacted her judgment.