Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving on

The honeymoon was fantastic...perfect...wonderful...but now on to the blog of everyday life. I will keep it fun, I promise. I even have a new name for it, but my computer skills have not allowed me to figure out how to do it READ: Debra, help me fix it. It will be: KaraWasWeinblatt.blogspot.com Okay, so maybe that's only funny to me. My dad liked it. Which brings me to my first topic of conversation today...

Yesterday we went to my parents to drop something off. We walk in, clearly I am in la-la land, allergies are hitting me hard, and I sit down. I ask my mom to medicate me as it feels as though an elephant has landed itself on my face. Jeremy and my dad chat. I whine. A bit later we depart, and walk out the door. I notice that all of the trees are missing from my parents lot line. Where have the trees gone?? "Kara, we have just, for the last 20 minutes been discussing the tree situation" I maintain, this was not a topic of conversation. We leave, and the entire car ride home I question Jeremy about the missing trees. Apparently the conversation that I missed went something like this,

My dad decides to cut down some dying trees and rents a chainsaw. Jewish man and chainsaw, not the worlds best combination.

In the midst of cutting down the first tree, tree trimmers happen to drive by and ask if they can finish the job. My dad obliges and turns over the chainsaw and allows the professionals to do the job.

A. Where was I when this conversation occured?
B. Tree trimmers just happened to drive by? All dressed and ready to chop trees?
C. Why are we cutting trees down?

Still confused. 12 hours later. Trolling tree trimmers? Jewish man cutting down random trees? Confused.

On a more interesting note, Friday night we went out do dinner with our friend, Dannon. We visited one of our favorite spots, Wasabi sushi. It used to be a nice-ish sushi place with great, reasonably priced rolls. It has now turned into dance club. Okay, well maybe not a dance club. But its menu would have you think it was.
Please Review:

I was nauseous looking at the menu. That also may have been from the gong that they found quite fun to bang, or gong, or whatever you call it when you strike a gong. But seriously - that has to be the funniest menu I have ever seen. And by funny, I mean nauseating.


Unknown said...

Wasabi is my favorite sushi place in Mpls! But last time I was there, I also noticed the fugliness that was the menu. What is up with that?

Mel said...

I makes my eyes hurt!

Debra Fiterman said...

I love regular blog.

Kara Frank said...

Seriously - its a painful menu to look at!

Dad Jay said...

The trees were called Buck thorn and are the tree world's answer to a weed.

Sara said...

Ok, so I checked. Karawasweinblatt is available.. but if you don't update soon i'm going to take it and sell to you for a very high fee (gotta pay the loans sometime!)
So update! I need a distraction from finals.
xo Sara