Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will walk for lunch...

As many of you know, I will be doing the Breast Cancer 3 day walk this August with my friend Debra, so we had some training walking to do this past weekend. Saturday was a 10 mile walk, Monday was a 6 mile walk. The breast cancer 3 day is a 3-day, 60 mile walk to support breast cancer research. We each have to raise $2300 for the walk - so as a side note, if you can donate - I would greatly appreciate it!

To donate:

Since I no longer have an impending wedding to plan...I will periodically post updates about our training walks. I could post the ones that are something like this, "This weekend we walked 16 miles. It was long. It was nice outside. We liked the trees".

I am much more likely however to post updates such as this:

While walking this weekend Debra and I devised a plan. Lie. I devised a plan which Debra was thrilled with. This is what we would do....we would send an email our to our friends and family. We need places to walk for training - so we would ask who wanted us to walk to their house. We would walk to their house (minnetonka, south minneapolis, golden valley, maple grove (okay maybe we'd drive part of the way and walk the rest)) and then they would make us lunch once we arrived!

"How excited they would be!" Kara proclaimed
"They may even decorate for us! Pink streamers perhaps" Debra exhalted
"They will make our favorite foods and will be cheering for us when we arrived" Kara asserted.

A flawless plan. How excited everyone will be that we will walk to their house.

Fast forward about an hour. Jeremy, Alex and Abby pick us up from Texa Tonka (where we walked to). We told them about our nice walk, and then led into our new plan. Jeremy looked at me quizically. Alex looked a bit astounded. Abby started laughing. Jeremy bursts out, "That is the worst plan I have ever heard. Why would they make you lunch because you walked to their house? Why will they be so excited?!"

Kara and Debra: "Uh, they'll be excited because we walked there"



Kara and Debra: "We swear, it seemed like an outstanding idea around mile 9 today"

Those will be the more likely updates. I promise there will be more. And, on the off chance you would like us to walk to your house, we would love lunch. Just as long as its not tuna fish. We both hate tuna fish.

If you can donate, anything you can give would be appreciated. This is an amazing cause which has touched of our lives. Please donate or I'll stop blogging. Ohhhhh....threat!!!!

Much love,



Sara said...

I think it's a brilliant idea! I would be thrilled if you and Debra walked to my place (though with my cooking skills, you might prefer I buy you lunch as opposed to make it..)

Unknown said...

You can walk to our house...lunch or dinner is on us! In honor of you two walking for an awesome cause!

Robyn said...

You can walk our house and we promise we won't make Tuna. Or if we do it will be the seared Ahi kind not the mayo covered kind.

Kara Frank said...

We are taking all of you up on those offers! Daniel..which Daniel are you????

Anonymous said...

Why was Ham Lake not included on the list?!? You know I would have a parade waiting for you if you made it all the way here! You could just walk all the way up Central!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls!!! I have the best idea ever.....walk to my house and you will have the best breakfast (since it will take you all night)you have ever had! My mom would be cooking:) So sunday for breakfast work? HAHA

Kara Frank said...

Better yet - we could walk from Stacy's house in Ham Lake(North Dakota) to Coop's house in Minnitrista (Guam) and it would only take us like a week!

Randee said...

Just have to tell you, I did the 3 day 4 times (walker once, crew 3) and it is the MOST AMAZING experience EVER. Seriously I get chills when I think about it. Opening and closing ceremonies alone are worth it. Here is my only advice...if you are hurt, too tired, etc GET ON A SWEEP VAN/BUS and STOP WALKING. You have a goal to walk it all, and I have every belief that you will, I have just seen people who have pushed beyond their limits because they felt like it was expected of them, their donors expect it, etc. The goal is to raise the money, bottom line.

Ok, enough wtih the "older cousin" lecture. I am proud of you for doing it...it is simply one of the best things you will ever experience.....i mean where else do people who are standing in like for a port-a-potty let others who look like they are a bit more uh, in need, go ahead of them. You will be amazed by the community/etc. Oh, one more bit of warning...port-a-pottys are good things, but by day 3 they are done cleaning them out so, watch out for uh, icky smells...lol. First two odays no problem, day 3, eh, not so great.

Love ya! If I get a job I'll donate (boy there a lot of things to do on my "If I Get A Job To-Do List"