Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This past weekend the Weinblatt family packed our bags and flew to Atlanta for a weekend of family fun and togetherness. Until my dad tried to drive us into a wall. jk. kindof.

Jeremy has always thought that a good dating game would be as follows:

Put men and women in their closets. Ask them to pack for a weekend trip away. Give them some specifics regarding temperature and see what they produce. Compare the packed luggage results and TA DA - match them up!

See photo:

We don't believe in traveling light. Now, I see the value in it. I understand the philosophy, but I don't subscribe to it. My thought is that I don't want to get there and feel like I had just the right outfit...sitting at home...being unworn. And most importantly, I hate being dirty. Really hate being dirty. I change clothes an average of 4 times per day. No joke. And I am not ashamed of that. If I pack it, I have to carry it, and I'm okay it that.
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Jeremy and Kara - an over packing match made in heaven.

On this trip we decided we should rent a car. Similar to Minnesota, Atlanta is not the most commuter friendly city.
Enter...the beast:


This beast took us to and fro. At the restaurants, we got our own version of Rockstar parking. It was called Rockstar butt parking (due to all the running the valet guys had to do to go and get our car parked 8 miles away so as not to be confused for a restaurant guest's car...thus contributing to a smooth behind from all the running). Stretch, I know.

Hot Car. Jer might trade in the Audi for one.

We also visited Coke World where we had the rare privilege of tasting 67 varieties of coke until the insides of our stomachs turned out, our teeth rotted and noises were coming out of our bodies that should not be heard in polite company. And I, being the highly intelligent person that I am, tried all 67 varieties. Should you ever decide to visit coke world, do not try all 67 varieties. For the sake of those who may be riding in a vehicle with you. Please do not.

All in all, quite a successful weekend. Should you be looking for a quick weekend away, a Nouveau Poor vacation as it were - I recommend Atlanta. Not the be all and end all most exciting place in the world, but certainly some delicious biscuits.

SEE: http://www.flyingbiscuit.com/

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