Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In our household we discuss airlines a lot. Plane crashes. Airports. Airplane types. New Airplane technology. Wing flaps. In fact, this past weekend, while waiting at the airport for a friend who was due to arrive my husband decided to quiz me on airplane types as they landed. A delta plane comes in, it gets closer...what is it...what is it? A DC9? No, too new. An A320? Yes! And he looks at me. And he gets a smile on his face unlike anything I saw even on our wedding day. I had guessed the correct airplane type. I had earned my keep. And I did it several times, guessed the correct plane. Oh yea, I'm learning!

In other airline news, in case you have been living in a groundhog hole with your head buried in the quicksand and legs in the air: Delta and Northwest are merging.

Here is a photo of the outcome:

In case you can't tell. This gentleman had been waiting at the ticket counter so long that he actually took out a newspaper to read. And FINISHED IT!

I think this should be on the front of the NWA/Delta website. Just a thought :-)


Sara said...

you guys are adorable :)

Katie said...

Don't even begin to speak about the NWA/Delta Merger with Jen or I.... My words will be too harsh for the outside world, so I will internalize in my head >:/ (that's my grumpy face)