Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 day update

I apologize for my lack of 3 day updates, life has simply been providing me with other blog worthy material. I have been remiss. Let me now start with a little walking story to get you in the mood for this post:

A few weeks ago, while walking, again towards the end of a long hot walk Debra and I got to thinking. Now, its great to raise the minimum necessary in order to participate in the 3 day ($2,300) but wouldn't it be awesome if we blew that out of the water and went above and beyond that amount. However, to do that, we would need to do some type of fundraiser. Furthermore, we wanted others to be involved in this process. Whether they like it or not. Therein lies today's plan: We came up with the idea of a fundraiser happy hour.

We would hold it at the community room at our condo building. We have a great room, with a nice outside gazebo area, we would do unlimited wine, and food with a minimum suggested donation of $20. The theme - Red (wine), White (wine) and Pink (wine) - and just before the 4th of July holiday. Genius. Or so it seemed around mile 12. We concocted this idea - thought, like the other ideas we contrive around miles 12-15 that this one could not fail.

So....prove us right. Remind us that this idea cannot fail. Show us that you do want to be involved! Please come today - anytime after 5:00 pm at the Groveland (317 Groveland Minneapolis, MN 55403). Bring Friends, relatives, children - all are welcome.

Reminder: Debra and I are both Jewish and daughters of women who feel that if 4 people are coming to dinner - you will likely need to make 7 chicken breasts. If 6 people are coming over for dessert - you will need 2 cakes and a pie. And perhaps some ice cream. Therefore, imagine how much food/beverage we have prepared for this evening. Don't let us down!

If you are unable to make it, but are able to donate, we would greatly appreciate it. Please follow this link:

Thank you and Happy 4th of July!

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