Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have funny friends too.....

This morning I get an email from a friend. As a totally unrelated side note (remember, I have ADD, I can't follow along any one path for too terribly long), this great friend will soon be the mother of a miniature Goldendoodle puppy. (insert Awwwww here) If you know my husband, please start the petition to let me get one too. Please. I need one. Some women lust after handbags. I lust after dogs. Fair trade.

And now on to the point. (remember, ADD, bear with me) I get this email from Steph this morning:

"In other news...while I was at pet smart last night Garin and I were looking at the animals--like ferrets and hamsters and birds. Just for fun. And as I was walking around the hamster cages I notes that one was upside down and NOT moving. It was dead. Rigamortious dead. So I flipped out and had to find some Pet Smart personnel. They confirmed my suspicion and removed said animal from the cage. Not the best marketing on their part. "

Lets think up slogans for petsmart...

Petsmart...fresh food, stale animals
Petsmart....where pets are memories

Okay, I know, perverse. But slightly funny.

This weekend....walking to Maple Grove...who wants to join us?!

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