Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My baby is 2!

This week we celebrated a milestone in the Frank family house. Our baby turned 2! We celebrated with home baked doggy birthday cookies in the shape of hearts. We sang to her twice, once for each year. And her birthday gift was a big long belly rub. You may call us nuts, I call it devotion!

And not to bring in a sad note, because that's just not what this is about, but we also took some time to remember our little puppy that just wasn't meant to be. Lucy. Hard to believe it's been two years, but she's always on our minds and in our hearts.

On to my job. Many of you wonder what I do. You hear crazy stories of tenants, leases, strange things happening to buildings, strange people. Okay, mostly the strange people. But today, I would like to share with you my morning in the hopes of sheding some light on my career of choice:

Yesterday my engineer, Lyle approached me and asked me to look at his phone. Being the resident young person in my office I assume the job of phone-fixer and figured something was wrong with it. Nope, I pick it up and notice it is a very large pond. Inside the very large pond, a very large picnic table and chairs.

And then I gulped. That is one of my buildings. There is a table and chairs inside the fountain at one of my buildings. And so my day has begun.

We began to problem solve as to how he would get this 400 POUND table out of said pond, up the embankment, and back across the street so tenants could enjoy their picnics. And so we hatched a plan. Below please find a photographic journey of a day in the life of a property manager. And don't get me wrong. I love my job. I love my job because I get to do things like this. And if I didn't have to find ways to drag a 400 pound picnic table out of a fountain, how boring life would be.

Its all in a day's work. I say that like I'm the one who pulled the 400 pound table out of the fountain. Whatever, I'll take the credit. I did what I do best, direct the work!

So that's what I do. I pull tables out of fountains. In a nutshell.


Robyn said...

Ok I have a silly question... how did the 400 pound table get into the pond with the fountain? And Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Punky!!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Punky!

That posed photo of the three guys is hilarious.

Kara Frank said...

Some kids must have pushed it in. Or some adult I guess. But I'm leaning towards neighborhood kids.

Greta Hanson said...

Kara! Loving your blog..and congrats on the picnic table victory. Can you send me the details of the agent you used for the Thailand getaway? We are ready to get serious on planning this thing!