Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank you

(Photo of Friday's 15 mile training walk. We were quite excited when we arrived in Hopkins!)

I want to send a huge thank you out to everyone who came to our breast cancer 3 day fundraising happy hour and those who couldn't make it but still donated. It was an amazingly successful event, raising almost $900 for the walk! Huge thanks and much love to everyone who made it. We are getting close to our goal, but have not yet reached it - if you can still donate, please do so!

p.s. we still have 6 unopened bags of tortilla chips left in case anybody's hungry.

In other news, this weekend proved to be a fabulous eating extravaganza. I'm sorry thighs. Over the weekend we tested out the new Smashburger in Golden Valley - and let me tell you - it was fabulous. Now, we liked Burger Jones because Jeremy's face was on the wall (see below:

But Smashburger was more to my liking. Kara's review: For my first visit I had to try the original smash burger. Fabulous. Smash Sauce: all things I hate mixed into one, to make something delicious. Here's wishing I hadn't been told what was in it. Veggie Fries, a delicious opportunity to take a perfectly healthy item and make it perfectly unhealthy and fabulous. They also had some awesome looking salads. I know it sounds lame, salad at a burger joint, but they really looked great. Next time: Smashsalad. Other options include smashed chicken. I didn't see anyone eating that, but I imagine it is quite good. Good, cheap, convenient. We will visit again! Certainly not the healthiest place on earth, but if you're going to have a burger, it might as well be great!

After Smashburger, to top it all off we had to visit Dairy Queen for their blizzard of the month. I married a peanut butter and ice cream and specifically Dairy Queen loving man. Therefore, when the commercials touted this month's Peanut Butter patty blizzard, Jeremy just about cried. However, I think they could use some work on their marketing slogan:

Mmmmmm....tasty girl my blizzard. Yummm...

A great long as you're not a girl scout.

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