Friday, September 25, 2009


Nothing big to report, no iGallops this week, no trips to Costco, no human or canine injuries.

However, as I'm sure you can imagine, our household is all aflutter with concern regarding H1N1. And by household, I mean the two people and one canine which reside in #706. We have our masks. We have our first round of flu shots. Jeremy is calling periodically to his doctor to see when he can get his vaccination, he is high risk you know. Asthmatic. High Risk.

My sister's wedding is 3 weeks away. So that's exciting. I have nothing entertaining regarding that one.

Now, on to the activities which will consume this upcoming weekend. Yom Kippur. I remember once in Weight Watchers my leader said;

"Thin people know that hunger is not an emergency".

I often repeat this to myself when it has been over 3 hours since a meal and I am ready to eat my neighbor's fist. And then I start swearing at what a dumb saying this is. Hunger is an emergency. Huge one.

So in the spirit of the holidays, a poem...

It starts with the Rosh of the Hashana
We review the previous year and say ta-ta
Eat apples and honey
Everything looks sunny

Sermon's are long and we try to absorb
But we can't help but think, 'there can't be much more'
Hugs and kisses we share as we walk out the door
Later dinner is shared, and we have a Manischewitz pour

Ten days later Yom Kippur arrives
Just thinking about it, gives me a bit of the hives
We repent our sins, hope they are not great
Try not to complain, to our adjacent mate

Depriving Jews of our cherished food
True repentance, but puts me in quite a mood
Try to focus on the purpose of this fast
Don't just think about what you ate last

Sundown arrives early in my house
I'd be willing to eat that Cosi mouse
No emergency those thin people say
I tend to believe a different way

Happy Holidays to all...
And welcome to Fall...

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