Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This life, it's never boring

Last weekend Jeremy and I ventured to a place I had been many times, but which had been a mysterious secret to him. And he hates secrets. This place....the Fiterman's home in Florida. I know, so secret. However, Debra always said that boys were not allowed in Naples unless she had a boyfriend. Therefore, when the wonderful Alex Arbit came along, Jeremy secretly nicknamed him 'TTN', which stood for 'Ticket To Naples'. The time had come. She had the boyfriend. We had the time. Airfare was cheap. And we were off. TTN worked like a charm!

We spent 3 1/2 lovely days in pure relaxation mode. Stress came in the form of the flotation device rotation, and ensuring that everyone had their turn on the 'good floatie'. Pressure came in the form of deciding what to each for each meal of the day. Hard work consisted of transporting myself from chair to pool and vice versa. It was a very rough weekend.

By day 3 we decided that we had enough of the pressure, and we were going to make dinner at home. We simply could not go out anymore. Getting oneself together to leave the house was too much work. Walking, driving or calling a cab, all too much work. Stay home. So we did, and cooked the delicious dinner seen below:

Lamb Burgers (recipe learned in the Whole Foods class that also resulted in my personal amputation of my left thumb)

Parmesan Potatoes (My mom's signature dish which Jeremy is mildly obsessed with)

Green Beans

When asked if we went shopping in Naples, we all, unequivocally responded, "No, we did not have time". It was all we could do to fit in the floating, sleeping and eating. No time for anything else. However, Jeremy and I did take a trip to the Naples Dollar Store, Linda Fiterman's favorite locale. We scoped out some children's cheerleader costumes should anyone need one. And that was enough of the strenuous activity.

So thanks Alex. Jeremy appreciates your presence so he could visit the illusive Naples. You can stick around. :-)

In other news, I am writing this post from Dunn Brothers while I'm supposed to be studying for this big exam I have all week for work. However, I am blogging. Much more exciting. And while blogging, material just keeps rolling my way. While sitting here, pretending to study, and sipping my tea, in walked Michael Jackson. I tried to get a better picture but he kept moving. How rude. I knew he wasn't dead. MJ, in Minneapolis Dunn Brothers.

That's all I've got for today. My brain is fried. Blake's motto has always been to foster a love of learning. Apparently I failed. I have no love of learning. This week is not fun for me. 13 years of Blake did not accomplish their goal. I guess I am living up to the second motto: "Expecting great things of some, and good things of all". Oh Blake School. How kind.


Scorpicon said...

I feel like a winning ticket. :-)

Debra Fiterman said...

I'm stressed out thinking about our weekend. All that floating. And do not forget that we also had to walk 2 blocks to pick up lunch every day. That was strenuous.

Soprano Linda said...

I just got caught up on this blog, so I don't even know if you're reading such dated comments, however I TOO bought the $1.00 cheerleader outfits for my 2 granddaughters!! Can you believe that $ store! Put a Dairy Queen in that strip mall, and I've seen the Lord.........