Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hope you are all geared up and ready for this weekend's Halloween festivities. The Frank Family is all set, costumes are purchased, candy is ready, pumpkin is waiting.
Except that we don't dress up...but the dog does!

This year she begged and pleaded to be a French Maid, rather than a hot dog like last year.

And except that we live in a condo building so there will be no cute children coming to our door dressed up in costume to hand out said candy. So Jeremy will be consuming it all.

And except that again, we live in a condo building, so our pumpkin is sitting on our kitchen table, rather than on the outside stoop.

So it's a modified Halloween. With dog costumes, and pumpkin clad kitchen tables, and a husband stuffed full of candy intended for children.

Someday we'll have a house, and you know this girl will have that thing decorated to the hilt with cobwebs, and spiders, and pumpkins galore! And knowing me, I will craft some type of door decoration that will necessitate 3 trips to Michael's, 2 trips to Target and a last minute Jo Ann Fabrics run, just to make the perfect Halloween door decor. But until that time, our condo is ready for the holiday!

In health news. My husband has gone crazy. And I mean that in the kindest way. Yesterday for lunch he visited his favorite outpost known as Chipotle. Upon finishing his burrito bowl the employee sneezed near the bowl. Jeremy paid, walked out the door, and then threw away his uneaten lunch. Afraid the sneezing culprit had H1N1 and may have gotten his sneezing germs on the lunch.

Now I don't disagree with this philosophy, but I do disagree with the financial implications. He paid for the lunch! Return it. Make a stink. Inform them that there is this funny thing called the swine flu going around and you are not interested in catching it from your lunch. But pay for it? I don't think so. Oh, well.

Instead he enjoyed a delicious lean pocket. And that is the most embarrassingly delicious thing that the Franks have now learned to enjoy for lunch. Just 5 WW points, of pure delight. No joke, try the lean pocket. And tell em we sent you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How we pack...

Several years ago I got into an argument before traveling with some girlfriends. They wanted to carry on their luggage. I believe in checking luggage. I firmly believe that checking luggage is a service that is provided for you (and this is before they started to charge).

Why would I, schlep my luggage through the airport, rush to the beginning of the boarding line to ensure I was on first, to reserve space in the shoebox of an overhead compartment, hoist the bag over my head into an already jam packed bread box, and then risk life and limb to take my bag out again after the plane has landed and items have clearly shifted during the turbulent flight, and then drag it into the restroom because I hate airplane bathrooms and clearly have to pee upon exiting the plane.

So not worth it.

So I believe in checking my luggage. I also believe that I can pack as much as I want, as long as I can carry it unassisted.

Luckily, I have married a man who feels the same. In fact, on a recent trip to New York, we felt the need to pack the following:

Those were our shoes for the trip. Yep, that's how many shoes we brought for a Friday afternoon-Monday morning trip to NYC! In our defense, we had a wedding to attend with several events, and many outfit changes.

And on a recent weekend trip, okay just a Saturday night trip, to a B&B in Stillwater, we filled our trunk with the following:

We could carry it all, therefore it is acceptable. Which leads me to our concept for a dating show. Give a man and a woman a location. Send them home to pack for a trip for an allotted period of time to the specified location. Ask them to return an hour later. Based on the amount, and items they packed, their compatibility is determined.

*Light packers, who travel in backpacks
*Those with tailored suitcases and garment bags neatly and tightly packed together
*Duffel bag types with ID stickers from around the world matched up
*People who pack in granny's flowered suitcase, the old style with wheels on the narrow bottom and a strap to pull, busting at the seams and smelling of mothballs
*People like us who pack in matching suitcases, clothing pressed and folded inside, and with 4 outfits per day, which have a suitcase scale in their bag to ensure they are not over the weight limit.

Therein lies the key to our millions. Travel Companions. Maybe that's what we'll call our dating show. It's a brilliant idea. I swear. It's brilliant.

And if you're looking for a place to travel in your backpack/granny case/Tumi garment of Debra's friends, Greta just discovered an awesome site. I cannot personally attest, but we hope to use it in the very near future:

She just used it for a recent trip and had a great experience and got a great deal!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Photographic journey

Today's post will be a photographic journey...fasten your safety belts, we're goin' for a ride.

Subject #1 was spotted on a recent apple picking adventure with friends. I am a firm believer in road-side stands/stores. Therefore, when a country store beckoned from the side of the street in Jordan Minnesota, we just had to take a gander. Inside we found many amazing 'treasures' including every key chain you could ever imagine with names on them, but sadly, as always, none said 'Kara'.

And then...from a distance, I see Rachel Rosen beckoning me to come closer. As if in slow motion I pick up each foot and put one in front of another bounding my way towards her to see what she has found. And what has she found? None other than the plate seen below:

If you cannot read it, it says: "Life is good, oy the little things". Now there are many things wrong with this photo, but the first of which being the most obvious.
A. We are in a country bumpkins store in Jordan Minnesota
B. The phrase really makes no sense
C. This plate utilizes the Jewish slang word, 'oy'.
D. I do not know a single Jewish person who would buy this particular plate. While it does feature the color turquoise, which is very popular among Jewish families, its the uneven nature of the pottery and the lack of dishwasher-safe pottery that screams non-jew. And yet, emblazoned across this plate is the word, oy.
E. Oy, what an ugly plate.

Our next subject is a pair of pajamas I found hanging at Target. Now here, I must be slightly less critical because it is very possible Steph and I will be purchasing these for our Halloween costumes.

Subject #2 is a rack full of adult sized footie pajamas with sock monkeys on the feet displayed at Target right now.

I may or may not have picked up a pair to wear to my sister's rehearsal dinner this weekend. Guess you'll just have to wait and see.

Subject #3 is something I find far less humorous than the general public. On a recent visit to Twin Cities Best Yogurt (TCBY) I gleefully ordered my ice cream.

1 pumpkin fro yo with gummy bears on top.

He handed it to me, and before Jeremy could pay, I was eating it!

I then glanced to my right to see Jeremy and Alex looking on with disgust. "Oh, sorry, I guess I should have waited". "uh no, we were more grossed out by your choice of ice cream and topping selection."

Whatever, its delish. Gummy bears are perfect with all things in my book.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Twas the week before the wedding...

My sister's that is! So most of you remember the drama of the Weinblatt sister's wedding's in one year. Well here is #2. Robyn Alison Weinblatt is getting married on Sunday! We arrived home from NYC for a friend's wedding this morning around 11am. We left our hotel in New York at 4:30am MN time and here I am, 4:15pm MN time. And did I mention the wedding was last night so we slept for about 4 hours, and then both went to work. Now that little intro wasn't even literate. Whatevs. So in the spirit of my lack of brain cells at this moment....

An Ode to my sister in her wedding week....

Here we are, just one week away
It's getting harder to keep our mom's phone calls at bay
Flowers are ordered
Linens are pressed
Dress is fitted
And we're ready for the rest

Soon visitors will start to arrive
No turning back, no returning to the hive
Bridesmaids are excited
Groomsmen hair is righted

To the Sofitel we go
ho ho ho (I couldn't think of another rhyme here. 4 hours of sleep people)
Family bickering it continues
Parents are just concerned about the menus

But soon it shall be here
and we will all cheer
not just because weddings are complete
Or because we never thought we'd achieve this year's feat

But because she's happy
Sweet Robyn
And we forget about the crappy

Celebration time is here
And I'll try not to shed a tear
Bride dressed in white
She is her little sister's light


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's cold out, therefore I nest

Am I the only one this happens to?
The weather starts to turn.
I must bake.
Put on jacket.
Find new recipe.

Thankfully I have coworkers who happily consume my obsession and therefore I keep my thighs happy.

Yesterday however, I caught the spirit. And if Stacy is reading this, she is certainly laughing at me. Football time!

Now some cared about the game, the players, this guy who apparently used to play for Wisconsin, and has now crossed the border. Whatever. But I was excited about football cooking. Neither of us watch football, in fact we both dislike football to a great extent. However, theme cooking, now that I like! Therefore...this time it was 'Healthy Game Foods'. Let the mocking begin. Mock if you must, but we enjoyed a most deliscious dinner of baked chicken fingers with home made french fries and edamame. Okay so the edamame, not so much in the spirit of football, but whatever, it was finger food. And if you can share in one of my favorite recipes...baked chicken fingers

Mix in a bowl:
1 cup oatmeal
1/2 tbsp garlic powder
salt and pepper
onion powder
Cut chicken into strips (it can be frozen, doesn't matter). Coat the raw chicken in dijon mustard. Dip each chicken strip into oatmeal mixture. Line them up on a baking pan. Bake at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes. If you like, turn up to broil for the last few minutes so they're crunchy!

Healthy chicken fingers! They are a Frank family favorite for 'game' night. Bear in mind, we did turn the football game on, and did not watch a single second of it. But whatever, I got into the spirit aspect of the thing.

Friday, October 2, 2009


As I have mentioned in past posts, our household is all aflutter with H1N1 concerns. Several months ago, when the improperly named 'Swine Flu' became all the rage, my husband purchased masks. 20 masks in fact. 20 masks directly from 3M. Medical grade masks that could keep out even the strongest bio hazard.

Below, please find our model, Jeremy Scott Frank, 5'3" strutting down the runway in this season's hottest trend. The H1N1 Mask. Complete with two head straps, this mask will not be blown off in the wind, and will keep you free of the flu. Though likely without friends. But I guess that's the trade off.

Please notice, my favorite part of this photo. His glasses are fogged up due to his breathing into the mask and causing steam to rise into his glasses. Hot.

T-2 weeks until my sister's wedding! The wedding programs are almost complete. Hope Jason doesn't mind that I forgot the 'a' in his name. Whatever. Not critical. We spent 2 weeks sorting out the Hebrew on the programs, so for those of you attending the wedding, you must now look at the Hebrew on the programs. And then I require you 'ohh, and ahhh' over the high quality Hebrew text. I will be standing up on the bimah. And I want to hear you all, from the pews, ohhing and ahhing.

I may have had to google what a 'zayin' looks like versus an 'ayin' but that is unimportant.

Zayin, ayin, vav, tav, same difference. The only ones able to read it will be standing on the bimah. But regardless, the the nun's are nun's and the tav's are tav's and you all better take that program home and frame it.