Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How we pack...

Several years ago I got into an argument before traveling with some girlfriends. They wanted to carry on their luggage. I believe in checking luggage. I firmly believe that checking luggage is a service that is provided for you (and this is before they started to charge).

Why would I, schlep my luggage through the airport, rush to the beginning of the boarding line to ensure I was on first, to reserve space in the shoebox of an overhead compartment, hoist the bag over my head into an already jam packed bread box, and then risk life and limb to take my bag out again after the plane has landed and items have clearly shifted during the turbulent flight, and then drag it into the restroom because I hate airplane bathrooms and clearly have to pee upon exiting the plane.

So not worth it.

So I believe in checking my luggage. I also believe that I can pack as much as I want, as long as I can carry it unassisted.

Luckily, I have married a man who feels the same. In fact, on a recent trip to New York, we felt the need to pack the following:

Those were our shoes for the trip. Yep, that's how many shoes we brought for a Friday afternoon-Monday morning trip to NYC! In our defense, we had a wedding to attend with several events, and many outfit changes.

And on a recent weekend trip, okay just a Saturday night trip, to a B&B in Stillwater, we filled our trunk with the following:

We could carry it all, therefore it is acceptable. Which leads me to our concept for a dating show. Give a man and a woman a location. Send them home to pack for a trip for an allotted period of time to the specified location. Ask them to return an hour later. Based on the amount, and items they packed, their compatibility is determined.

*Light packers, who travel in backpacks
*Those with tailored suitcases and garment bags neatly and tightly packed together
*Duffel bag types with ID stickers from around the world matched up
*People who pack in granny's flowered suitcase, the old style with wheels on the narrow bottom and a strap to pull, busting at the seams and smelling of mothballs
*People like us who pack in matching suitcases, clothing pressed and folded inside, and with 4 outfits per day, which have a suitcase scale in their bag to ensure they are not over the weight limit.

Therein lies the key to our millions. Travel Companions. Maybe that's what we'll call our dating show. It's a brilliant idea. I swear. It's brilliant.

And if you're looking for a place to travel in your backpack/granny case/Tumi garment of Debra's friends, Greta just discovered an awesome site. I cannot personally attest, but we hope to use it in the very near future:

She just used it for a recent trip and had a great experience and got a great deal!

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