Monday, October 12, 2009

Twas the week before the wedding...

My sister's that is! So most of you remember the drama of the Weinblatt sister's wedding's in one year. Well here is #2. Robyn Alison Weinblatt is getting married on Sunday! We arrived home from NYC for a friend's wedding this morning around 11am. We left our hotel in New York at 4:30am MN time and here I am, 4:15pm MN time. And did I mention the wedding was last night so we slept for about 4 hours, and then both went to work. Now that little intro wasn't even literate. Whatevs. So in the spirit of my lack of brain cells at this moment....

An Ode to my sister in her wedding week....

Here we are, just one week away
It's getting harder to keep our mom's phone calls at bay
Flowers are ordered
Linens are pressed
Dress is fitted
And we're ready for the rest

Soon visitors will start to arrive
No turning back, no returning to the hive
Bridesmaids are excited
Groomsmen hair is righted

To the Sofitel we go
ho ho ho (I couldn't think of another rhyme here. 4 hours of sleep people)
Family bickering it continues
Parents are just concerned about the menus

But soon it shall be here
and we will all cheer
not just because weddings are complete
Or because we never thought we'd achieve this year's feat

But because she's happy
Sweet Robyn
And we forget about the crappy

Celebration time is here
And I'll try not to shed a tear
Bride dressed in white
She is her little sister's light



Scorpicon said...

That's a wonderful little poem! Despite writing it on so little sleep, it's still more coherent than certain other speeches (you know which one I mean).

Robyn said...

Aaaawww... so cute :)