Thursday, November 19, 2009


Changes abound! And if you know me, you know I hate change. But I'm working on it. This change is regarding our home. It looks like our condo will be up for sale very soon. And we may just be homeless! So...if anyone has a suggestion on where we could live for like 9-11 months, please let me know. Otherwise we will be squatting in my commercial office vacancies. And something tells me my boss won't like that.

Things I don't find funny:
1. The aforementioned ... change
2. When someone comes in and sticks another day right in the middle of the week. Because I'm pretty sure that's what happened this week. And I don't find it funny. Friday is far enough away that we don't need phantom days thrown in there.
3. Flat tire in my brand new tires. Which turns out to be not just a nail, but a nail AND a giant staple. Only me.

None of those things are funny. Particularly the extra day. I'm serious, this week will never end.

On a good note, I am sitting in my office waiting for Stacy to arrive because she is bringing me a present to work. Everyone needs a Stacy. And I'm not sharing her. Find your own!

On another side note, Stacy also offered to build a room for Jer and I above their garage. I found this funny because a. they would BUILD a room! themselves! amazing.
b. they live in Ham Lake. So thoughtful, but Ham Lake, really? Stacy likes to remind me that it's only 24 miles to Downtown. I like to remind her that 24 is a lot of miles. And she lives in a city with the word Ham in it's name. Something tells me no Jew has ever lived there. Maybe we should change the name of Saint Louis Park to more accurately reflect the populous, like Ham Lake....

Matzoh Lake
Latke Hills

Brilliant idea Kara. Can you tell that the nervousness over change has caused me to lose significant amounts of sleep this week?

If you know anyone looking for an awesome condo in Minneapolis - let me know! And if you know somewhere that we can live if we ever manage to sell the aforementioned condo, that would be helpful too.


Scorpicon said...

Yeah, this is pretty much not a funny post.

Don't move, we love you guys!

Debra Fiterman said...

I am also very much not laughing.