Monday, November 16, 2009

more house hunting

This weekend continued the search for a house! This process has moved a bit quicker than we anticipated, but it appears that we should take advantage of, pardon my language, this craptastic market. So....we are on the hunt for a house to gut and renovate! This search brought us through Saint Louis Park and Golden Valley.

Now, keep in mind we do not care about size, condition, color, materials, aesthetic, none of it. We care about the location, the lot, and the footprint. Though, if there are other items within the home we can use, so much the better. However, this one was just a bit more than we could take....

Situated in Saint Louis Park, on a fairly nice street, near the lakes and highway 100, I thought this home would have great potential. Until we stepped out of the car.

We walked up the rickety old steps, and then decided we had to go up one at a time for fear of them collapsing (and we are not large people). We walk up the front door and realize that it is disguised. They have the front door covered with paneling so it looks like it is part of the house, and you can't find it. Strange.

We open the door and walk in. The floors are tilting so much that you have to bend your knees for stability while walking through the home. It looks like it has been ransacked, and clearly is vacant until we read a sign on a door:
"Please be quiet, my renter, Lylette is sleeping in this room while recovering from a medical procedure. If you choose to go in this room, please be sensitive of her condition and do not look at her."

FOR REAL? No way. A. There is a woman living in this dump? and B. Yuck.

For reasons which are still unclear, we continue to walk through the home. We enter the bathroom and find the following:

Yes, that would be a gigantic hold in the ceiling. We proceed to the kitchen and find those holes, like Swiss cheese, dotting the ceiling. We then see another lovely note from the homeowner:
"You may notice that we have had a bit of a water problem. We have had the problem fixed and wanted to wait a year before repairing the holes to make sure it didn't happen again."

Just a thought, but maybe then you shouldn't list your home for sale!!!! for $300,000!!! A few holes? This thing looked like the moon. The agent, the developer and Jeremy proceeded to the basement, where I am sure they have rented out the space to film horror movies. I went back to the front door, put my shoes back on and stood there. Fearing a poltergeist was going to jump out of the walls at me. Or maybe that was just Lylette, the infirmed renter.


The search continues.

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Scorpicon said...

Wow, sounds like a nightmare. But the worst houses are the ones you think are good until 5 years in and everything starts to fall apart.