Saturday, December 26, 2009

We're off!

Tomorrow morning, (3:30am to be exact), Jeremy and I leave for our cruise. We will be going to the Southern Caribbean. Or maybe Northern. I'm not really sure. We leave from San Juan, that I know for sure.

In answer to your questions:

Yes, we will be the youngest people by 20 years on this cruise.

Yes, we likely will meet another nice couple on the ship, exchange numbers, and hope to keep in contact. They will have never heard of Facebook.

Yes, the aforementioned couple will likely be in their mid 70's and have strange physical ailments.

Yes Grandma, I will stay away from the water. On the cruise ship.

Yes, I will wear sunscreen. And no, I will never again mix sun screen with bug spray.

Yes, we likely will buy some strange piece of art from the art auction that we just, 'had to have', and then bring it home to find that it is totally bizarre.

Yes, we will be gone for New Years. We will be spending it with our new geriatric friends. Sipping Metamucil at the stroke of Midnight.

No, I will not be surprised if Jeremy requires that both of us wear life jackets the entire time on board. Even on the formal night.

We'll be back next Sunday. Rested. With many more freckles. And with our new 70 year old friends.

And when I return...just wait for the blog entitled, "This is what Jews do on Christmas". It's going to be great!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

It all started on Thursday night. We were getting our gift ready for the Petsmart staff. Yes, we give a gift to the Petsmart staff. They are so good to our little pup. How could we not? So I wrote a card expressing our emotions and affixed it to the gift:

In case you can't read it, it says: "Thank you for taking such good care of me when I come to play. I'm sorry I sometimes eat my poopy."

Friday evening. I picked the dog up from Daycamp, I picked Jeremy up from work and we drove home. We walk in, and Jeremy presses the up button for the elevator. I do what I normally do which is wander, and look around. I was looking at the bulletin board in the elevator lobby and notice a sign:

Kara: "Uh, Jeremy...Jeremy..."
Jeremy: "Yes"
Kara: "It seems there's an open house in unit 706 on Sunday. WE LIVE IN UNIT 706"
Jeremy: "No, way....uhhhhh"
Kara and Jeremy: "OMG..Hhahahahha"

surprise open house. It was something we had discussed with our agent a long while ago, but just in mulling over ideas, I didn't realize he had followed through with it. So there it was. We were to spend the rest of our weekend cleaning. Well not really the whole weekend, but ya know, a while.'re having an open house!

Just think if I hadn't wandered around and looked at the bulletin board.

Sunday - we had to flee our house due to the surprise open house. We drove around, wandered. Dog played at Grandma and Grandpa's with Mocha and Teddy. We're going to need to come up with some activities to fill our time when we have to flee our house. Please comment if you have some ideas.

We returned home and in the spirit of Christmas I had to bake Christmas cookies.

I just had to do it. It was the spirited thing to do. My office is enjoying them today.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This photo has no relevance to the blog - I just thought I'd post an old, cute picture of Punky.

I really have nothing interesting to say today. So you can just stop reading now if you want. But I'd rather you read my ramblings for a minute. You're probably sitting at your desk with Facebook as your other open screen doing absolutely nothing anyways. So read.

Thank you all for your concern. And for those of you who read that I had surgery and ignored it - you suck. just kidding. but you suck a little bit. But I am feeling much better now. Friday - Monday were rough. Yesterday I was back to the gym - which made me quite happy. The only thing I can't quite do yet is lay on my stomach. But that seems quite avoidable.

I'm getting pretty sick of being asked if my Christmas shopping is done. I know they mean it in good spirit. But I'm sick of it. No, I don't still have Christmas dinner even though I'm Jewish. No, I do not have a tree even though it has no 'religious' ties. No, I don't have long lists of people to buy gifts for. No, my niece will not be sitting in a creepy, old, hairy man's lap. And no, it really does not make me sad that I don't do those things. Because, in case you missed the memo, I'm Jewish.

Had dinner with some friends last night and we tried a new restaurant - Northeast Social Club. Sounded fun and different. Food was good but not worth the price. Atmosphere was nice, but loud. Guitar player was fairly unnecessary. Worth a try, but I don't think I'll be rushing back.

Okay - that's all for this Thursday. I just noticed that this post was laced with some serious cynicism. My apologies.

Monday, December 14, 2009


So this blog is going to rise to a new level of personal today....

This past Friday I had a little surgery at Abbott Hospital. No big deal, I'm fine. Though for most of the weekend I was subjected to pain medications and sleeping off the anesthetic. Saturday morning arrives and I was sleeping with my phone beside me.

The phone rings,
Caller: "Hi, this is Sue calling from Abbott Northwestern Hospital"
Kara: "Oh, hi"
Caller: Blah, Blah, Blah...A whole bunch of words I thought I understood but clearly I did not
Kara: "Well, I had to pee 4 times last night. Can you believe it 4 times, and that is SO not like me. My poor husband. He had to help me to the bathroom each time!"
Caller: "Uh, I'm sorry to hear that Ms. Frank. But I was just calling to do a care survey. Do you think you could rate your care during your stay at the hospital? I apologize about the peeing problem."
Kara: "Survey?! Uh, oh. Survey. Yea, great, they were great."

Guess she didn't care about my peeing problem. And I guess she wasn't calling to check in on how I was feeling either! Whoops. Blame it on the medications.

I left my phone on the nightstand for the rest of the day. Best not to answer it anymore after that one.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it snow

Uh team, it looks like it has snowed a bit. In case you didn't notice.

My general philosophy is that if Blake is closed, I don't go to work. Blake is not closed today. Therefore I am at work today.

The snow it is pretty
this time of year there is no pity
We romp and play
And enjoy the day

January will soon come
We will begin to hibernate on our bum
Sweatshirts showing signs of wear
Boots begin to tear

February rolls around
Snow still abound
Every sentence seems to end with Bulls*&%
And puts us in quite a fit

Soon March will arrive
Moods they do collide
My bags are packed, I'm on my way
Minnesota I cannot stay

April brings a glimmer of hope
We try our best to cope
They say that spring brings flowers
Screw that, I'm hiding in a warm shower

I often sit and wonder why
My ancestors traveled here and stayed by
Hadn't we suffered enough
I'm sick of this BS about being tough

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Craft Fair

A few weeks ago a sign appeared in our very community oriented condo building. This sign advertised a "Craft Fair" that was to be held in our building. Initially I thought this would entail outsiders, coming in to sell their wares to the residents of the Groveland. However, after reading, I realized that the intention was for residents to craft and sell their own goods.


Debra, our Groveland co-dweller noticed this sign herself on a walk through the building one day. Debra however decided, this would be fun. "I will sign up. Oh, and I'll sign Kara up too."

As time passed I assumed the craft fair would be cancelled due to lack of interest and we would never have to actually make said craft to sell. I also assumed that a cause would emerge in which this craft fair would benefit. That did not occur either. One week out from the date of the fair, Jeremy and I looked at each other and realized that we had not yet gotten ourselves out of this event. And furthermore, our condo is for sale, and some good PR to the other residents couldn't hurt.

So craft we did. We decided to make 'chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar'. You know, like layers of flour, sugar, chocolate chips etc... We tied them up with an ornament and a bow. Attached a gift tag with preparation instructions. We felt pretty darn proud of our craft. Debra made, "Marlene's nuts". Marlene is my brother in law's mother, who happens to make some delish nuts.

Our crafts were prepared and we were feeling pretty confident we would knock the socks off this craft fair.

Debra arrived earlier than we did, to the community room at our building and set up. Soon, I received a panicked phone call.

"Kara, it's Debra. There is a situation down here. Our crafts, are a little embarrassing. Kara, these people are crafting professionals"

"Debra, calm down, hide in a corner, I'll be there soon"

I arrive, and to my utter embarrassment I find water color paintings just a step down from Monet. I find acrylic paintings like you would see at the Uptown Art Fair. Wine Charms that might as well have been sold at Patina. Hand stitched dish towels.

I keep walking and in the corner, I find Debra, sitting there, with a sign stating: Nuts $2

Needless to say, our crafts didn't quite measure up. Jeremy and I could not attend the whole craft show due to a Bar Mitzvah we had to attend. However, Debra kindly babysat our craft while we were gone. To our amazement when we returned, she had almost sold out of her nuts, while our cookie mix sat lonely, all initial 12 soldiers, still in place.

Now I think she pushed Marlene's nuts over our cookies, but nonetheless, we had not yet sold a single one. About 15 minutes before the end of the 5 hour craft fair the woman at the booth next to us bought one of my jars, likely out of pity.

But sold we did! $46 we brought in from the craft fair total. Our cookies contributed 5 of those dollars.

I think we'll keep our day jobs. No more craft fairs for us. Clearly real estate is a better option for me.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My many neurosis

Someone please call our realtor and request a showing of our condo and don't tell me. Please. I have been checking my email incessantly waiting for him to write saying someone wants to see it, and so far, no such luck. So, if you're a good friend, you'll see it, I'll never know the difference and maybe, just maybe, you'll also buy it. That would be great, thanks.

And in the meantime, if you would like baked goods, put in your order. My unwarranted, and unnecessary stress is causing me to bake and give it away. Some people drink when they're stressed, some people eat when they're stressed, I bake and give them goods away when I'm stressed. Just as long as I give it away and don't eat it, I figure it's fine.

My coworkers will just get fat. other news, we went to the Holidazzle last night and sat in the heated 'Hot Seats'. Best $9 we ever spent. I highly recommend this experience, while one's bum is being heated. While one's bum is being frozen outside? Not so much.

The holidays have officially begun at work, and generous, but also very goysha gifts have started to arrive. I have already received a poinsettia, and a ham. Was the giant nose not a giveaway? Eh, the poinsettia went to a coworker, and the ham is going to the adopt-a-family. But if you guys want to drop off some Latkes, well then I would be intrigued.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For Sale!

It's official - our condo is for sale! And if you know of anyone looking, please pass this on! We have (and still do) absolutely loved our place, but it's time to move on, get more space, remove wedding gifts from my parents house, and live in a big girl house.

And in answer to your next question, no we are not having a baby anytime soon.

The plan of the day is to sell our place, move into somewhere temporarily while we buy, plan and renovate a house. Gluttons for punishment? Likely. Excited? Absolutely.

It will be a nerve wracking process, but we're just trying to be calm and patient, two things that one would not typically associate with me. But I'm trying. (Keep in mind our house has officially been on the market for 2 hours and I am sitting here wondering if anyone has requested a showing yet). Calm and patient, Kara, try to be calm and patient.

Please, please, if you know anyone looking for a fantastic place in the best building in the city - send them our way. We can't say enough good things about our condo. It's just that Punky wants a little puppy brother!