Monday, December 7, 2009

The Craft Fair

A few weeks ago a sign appeared in our very community oriented condo building. This sign advertised a "Craft Fair" that was to be held in our building. Initially I thought this would entail outsiders, coming in to sell their wares to the residents of the Groveland. However, after reading, I realized that the intention was for residents to craft and sell their own goods.


Debra, our Groveland co-dweller noticed this sign herself on a walk through the building one day. Debra however decided, this would be fun. "I will sign up. Oh, and I'll sign Kara up too."

As time passed I assumed the craft fair would be cancelled due to lack of interest and we would never have to actually make said craft to sell. I also assumed that a cause would emerge in which this craft fair would benefit. That did not occur either. One week out from the date of the fair, Jeremy and I looked at each other and realized that we had not yet gotten ourselves out of this event. And furthermore, our condo is for sale, and some good PR to the other residents couldn't hurt.

So craft we did. We decided to make 'chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar'. You know, like layers of flour, sugar, chocolate chips etc... We tied them up with an ornament and a bow. Attached a gift tag with preparation instructions. We felt pretty darn proud of our craft. Debra made, "Marlene's nuts". Marlene is my brother in law's mother, who happens to make some delish nuts.

Our crafts were prepared and we were feeling pretty confident we would knock the socks off this craft fair.

Debra arrived earlier than we did, to the community room at our building and set up. Soon, I received a panicked phone call.

"Kara, it's Debra. There is a situation down here. Our crafts, are a little embarrassing. Kara, these people are crafting professionals"

"Debra, calm down, hide in a corner, I'll be there soon"

I arrive, and to my utter embarrassment I find water color paintings just a step down from Monet. I find acrylic paintings like you would see at the Uptown Art Fair. Wine Charms that might as well have been sold at Patina. Hand stitched dish towels.

I keep walking and in the corner, I find Debra, sitting there, with a sign stating: Nuts $2

Needless to say, our crafts didn't quite measure up. Jeremy and I could not attend the whole craft show due to a Bar Mitzvah we had to attend. However, Debra kindly babysat our craft while we were gone. To our amazement when we returned, she had almost sold out of her nuts, while our cookie mix sat lonely, all initial 12 soldiers, still in place.

Now I think she pushed Marlene's nuts over our cookies, but nonetheless, we had not yet sold a single one. About 15 minutes before the end of the 5 hour craft fair the woman at the booth next to us bought one of my jars, likely out of pity.

But sold we did! $46 we brought in from the craft fair total. Our cookies contributed 5 of those dollars.

I think we'll keep our day jobs. No more craft fairs for us. Clearly real estate is a better option for me.

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