Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For Sale!

It's official - our condo is for sale! And if you know of anyone looking, please pass this on! We have (and still do) absolutely loved our place, but it's time to move on, get more space, remove wedding gifts from my parents house, and live in a big girl house.

And in answer to your next question, no we are not having a baby anytime soon.

The plan of the day is to sell our place, move into somewhere temporarily while we buy, plan and renovate a house. Gluttons for punishment? Likely. Excited? Absolutely.

It will be a nerve wracking process, but we're just trying to be calm and patient, two things that one would not typically associate with me. But I'm trying. (Keep in mind our house has officially been on the market for 2 hours and I am sitting here wondering if anyone has requested a showing yet). Calm and patient, Kara, try to be calm and patient.

Please, please, if you know anyone looking for a fantastic place in the best building in the city - send them our way. We can't say enough good things about our condo. It's just that Punky wants a little puppy brother!


Randee said...

i dont' know anyone looking, but holy cow i LOVE your condo!!! if 1) i wanted to live in town 2)i had a job and therefore money to buy, or 3) knew how to drive in any city other than Eagain and the other southern burbs...I WOULD BUY IT. As it is, none of the 3 are true...

Sara said...

Perhaps if your listing were more like this, you'd get tons of viewers