Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it snow

Uh team, it looks like it has snowed a bit. In case you didn't notice.

My general philosophy is that if Blake is closed, I don't go to work. Blake is not closed today. Therefore I am at work today.

The snow it is pretty
this time of year there is no pity
We romp and play
And enjoy the day

January will soon come
We will begin to hibernate on our bum
Sweatshirts showing signs of wear
Boots begin to tear

February rolls around
Snow still abound
Every sentence seems to end with Bulls*&%
And puts us in quite a fit

Soon March will arrive
Moods they do collide
My bags are packed, I'm on my way
Minnesota I cannot stay

April brings a glimmer of hope
We try our best to cope
They say that spring brings flowers
Screw that, I'm hiding in a warm shower

I often sit and wonder why
My ancestors traveled here and stayed by
Hadn't we suffered enough
I'm sick of this BS about being tough

1 comment:

Scorpicon said...

So... you don't like 6 months of winter?