Friday, December 4, 2009

My many neurosis

Someone please call our realtor and request a showing of our condo and don't tell me. Please. I have been checking my email incessantly waiting for him to write saying someone wants to see it, and so far, no such luck. So, if you're a good friend, you'll see it, I'll never know the difference and maybe, just maybe, you'll also buy it. That would be great, thanks.

And in the meantime, if you would like baked goods, put in your order. My unwarranted, and unnecessary stress is causing me to bake and give it away. Some people drink when they're stressed, some people eat when they're stressed, I bake and give them goods away when I'm stressed. Just as long as I give it away and don't eat it, I figure it's fine.

My coworkers will just get fat. other news, we went to the Holidazzle last night and sat in the heated 'Hot Seats'. Best $9 we ever spent. I highly recommend this experience, while one's bum is being heated. While one's bum is being frozen outside? Not so much.

The holidays have officially begun at work, and generous, but also very goysha gifts have started to arrive. I have already received a poinsettia, and a ham. Was the giant nose not a giveaway? Eh, the poinsettia went to a coworker, and the ham is going to the adopt-a-family. But if you guys want to drop off some Latkes, well then I would be intrigued.

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DJS said...

I'm in for baked chocolate though...