Monday, December 14, 2009


So this blog is going to rise to a new level of personal today....

This past Friday I had a little surgery at Abbott Hospital. No big deal, I'm fine. Though for most of the weekend I was subjected to pain medications and sleeping off the anesthetic. Saturday morning arrives and I was sleeping with my phone beside me.

The phone rings,
Caller: "Hi, this is Sue calling from Abbott Northwestern Hospital"
Kara: "Oh, hi"
Caller: Blah, Blah, Blah...A whole bunch of words I thought I understood but clearly I did not
Kara: "Well, I had to pee 4 times last night. Can you believe it 4 times, and that is SO not like me. My poor husband. He had to help me to the bathroom each time!"
Caller: "Uh, I'm sorry to hear that Ms. Frank. But I was just calling to do a care survey. Do you think you could rate your care during your stay at the hospital? I apologize about the peeing problem."
Kara: "Survey?! Uh, oh. Survey. Yea, great, they were great."

Guess she didn't care about my peeing problem. And I guess she wasn't calling to check in on how I was feeling either! Whoops. Blame it on the medications.

I left my phone on the nightstand for the rest of the day. Best not to answer it anymore after that one.

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