Thursday, December 17, 2009


This photo has no relevance to the blog - I just thought I'd post an old, cute picture of Punky.

I really have nothing interesting to say today. So you can just stop reading now if you want. But I'd rather you read my ramblings for a minute. You're probably sitting at your desk with Facebook as your other open screen doing absolutely nothing anyways. So read.

Thank you all for your concern. And for those of you who read that I had surgery and ignored it - you suck. just kidding. but you suck a little bit. But I am feeling much better now. Friday - Monday were rough. Yesterday I was back to the gym - which made me quite happy. The only thing I can't quite do yet is lay on my stomach. But that seems quite avoidable.

I'm getting pretty sick of being asked if my Christmas shopping is done. I know they mean it in good spirit. But I'm sick of it. No, I don't still have Christmas dinner even though I'm Jewish. No, I do not have a tree even though it has no 'religious' ties. No, I don't have long lists of people to buy gifts for. No, my niece will not be sitting in a creepy, old, hairy man's lap. And no, it really does not make me sad that I don't do those things. Because, in case you missed the memo, I'm Jewish.

Had dinner with some friends last night and we tried a new restaurant - Northeast Social Club. Sounded fun and different. Food was good but not worth the price. Atmosphere was nice, but loud. Guitar player was fairly unnecessary. Worth a try, but I don't think I'll be rushing back.

Okay - that's all for this Thursday. I just noticed that this post was laced with some serious cynicism. My apologies.


Robyn said...

I have one to add.. no I don't own a Christmas sweater. You can have an ugly sweater contest but I won't participate because I don't own a Christmas sweater ugly or non ugly. And no the do not make Hanukkah sweaters. (My husband does own a Hanukkah tie but that's a story for another time....)

Scorpicon said...

Don't let Debra see this post, she still loves Christmas. ;-)