Saturday, December 26, 2009

We're off!

Tomorrow morning, (3:30am to be exact), Jeremy and I leave for our cruise. We will be going to the Southern Caribbean. Or maybe Northern. I'm not really sure. We leave from San Juan, that I know for sure.

In answer to your questions:

Yes, we will be the youngest people by 20 years on this cruise.

Yes, we likely will meet another nice couple on the ship, exchange numbers, and hope to keep in contact. They will have never heard of Facebook.

Yes, the aforementioned couple will likely be in their mid 70's and have strange physical ailments.

Yes Grandma, I will stay away from the water. On the cruise ship.

Yes, I will wear sunscreen. And no, I will never again mix sun screen with bug spray.

Yes, we likely will buy some strange piece of art from the art auction that we just, 'had to have', and then bring it home to find that it is totally bizarre.

Yes, we will be gone for New Years. We will be spending it with our new geriatric friends. Sipping Metamucil at the stroke of Midnight.

No, I will not be surprised if Jeremy requires that both of us wear life jackets the entire time on board. Even on the formal night.

We'll be back next Sunday. Rested. With many more freckles. And with our new 70 year old friends.

And when I return...just wait for the blog entitled, "This is what Jews do on Christmas". It's going to be great!

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Scorpicon said...

Hope you guys have a great time! Happy (geriatric) new year!