Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And one more thing

About the bunnies at the humane society...

they had the strangest names. As we stood there and watched, little girls squealed, "Look at Fluffy muffy playing with Mr. Squiggle pants!"
"Oh, I love Baby Bounce Around"
"Did you see Hoppity Hop on the slide?"
"I can't believe how large Marshmallow fluff has gotten!"

And I am not kidding. These rabbits had the strangest names. Not as though my dog has the most normal name in the world, but you just would not stand in your yard and scream, "Mr. Squigle Pants, go potty". Lesson learned, owning a rabbit means you can name them something absolutely ludicrous. Not to mention the 12 year old girl with a fleece hat with long floppy ears sewn on to it. Rabbit people are strange.

Pigs on the other hand...pig owners are amazing. So this is my new thing, I really want a tea cup pig.

And I want to name it Bacon. Or perhaps Honey baked. Come on, you have to admit they are completely adorable. Punky and Bacon. It's perfect!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hoppy Hour

Sundays typically find Jeremy and I in search of fun activities. Usually fun free activities. Favorites include the room and board outlet, the lakes, Costco and whole foods and quite often, open houses...

But this Sunday, it was the Humane Society! We arrived in the parking lot to find masses of cars. We were shocked to see mini vans double parked and station wagons packed in. We were forced to park in a neighboring parking lot, and were thrilled at the thought that so many people had come to adopt pets.

We walk in and hear squeals and shrieks. We look to our right and see the world's supply of rabbits in a ring. We investigate and find that it is, "Hoppy Hour" at the Humane Society. Oh yes, "Hoppy Hour!"

Apparently, it is like doggy day care, but for rabbits. Bring your rabbit, sit in a ring, and watch them perform agility activities with...get this..."Bouncers" to supervise!

Jeremy thought that several of them were not house pets, but rather plucked from their back yards as they looked quite wild.

So if you're looking for some fun - I recommend a trip to Hoppy Hour.
It is sure to be a hopin' good time.
It Certainly won't be a flop.
It may be a bit Hare-ey to park.

I'm hilarious.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Still trying to sell the condo...nothing new there. Except for the ceremonial real estate statute that we buried to help our efforts. But whatever.

Punky had a fun play session with her cousin Tessa this weekend! They seemed to enjoy eachothers company, and both enjoyed watching the cars out the window of our condo! Our niece is walking like a pro now and amazes me everytime I see her!

Tried a new restaurant in Minneapolis this weekend, Subo --
It was great, in particular I reccomend the coconut sticky rice. I know it's not a meal, but seriously delish. Try it.

Getting a little sick of living so 'cleanly' at home - as we never know when a showing will occur. I truly look forward to the day when I can once again leave my shoes wherever they fall off my feet, magazines strewn accross the coffee table and my gym bag in whatever inoportune location I see fit. Jeremy on the other hand, may never allow our condo to be sold because he likes this new lifestyle!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Someone had a case of the Tuesday's

Yesterday, I arrive at work in a good mood. The day begins somewhat uneventfully, aside from being stood up for a second time by a tenant I was supposed to meet.

Around 11:30 I was asked to run out and meet a coworker and a movie producer who wanted to look at one of my buildings for a possible movie. Apparently the movie has some scenes in a bank, and occupied banks will not allow them to shoot, and we just happen to own two vacant banks. I begin to scramble as I am supposed to meet them in 10 minutes, though the location is 15 minutes away, and I cannot find my keys.

Finally I just say, to heck with it and leave, without keys, hoping I can find a lock box on the building. I arrive, and walk towards the building to meet them. Now as I mentioned this is a vacant building and therefore we do not plow the snow. The parking lot is filled, waist high with snow. I apologize for the massive amounts of snow we are about to experience, and then take the first steps, ahead of everyone else into the avalanche that is, this parking lot. Step one...this snow is deeper than I thought. Step two...I am face first into a pile of snow. Yes, I was unable to plant the second foot and therefore fell, face first into the snow embankment wearing a dress, tights and boots.

I struggle to right myself and attempt to repair my pride. Hollywood movie producer and coworker standing behind me as I flail in the snow. Head to toe, covered in snow, and later just plain wet.

Yes, I had a case of the Tuesdays.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Shameless Plug

Jeremy and I have listed our condo for sale, and have found a home we would like to purchase, however we need to sell our place. Therefore, if you, my loyal blog readers love me, you will help us find a buyer. Please. We absolutely love our condo, neighbors, and our building, it is simply time to move on. Below please find additional information. With all seriousness, if you know anyone that is looking, please pass this along.

Much love,
Kara and Jeremy (and Punky who would really like a backyard after all these years)

Price: $337,000
Sqft: 1165
Beds: 2
Baths: 2
City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota
Zip: 55403
Agent: David Abele
Top floor secured Penthouse level Groveland unit. Beautifully finished and well maintained with tall ceilings, gas fireplace, two walk in closets and more. A great, amenity filled building close to downtown.

Friday, January 8, 2010

And this is what Jews do on Christmas...

As promised, an update on our Christmas eve and Christmas Day activities. While the world wakes up to presents under trees, and eats big dinners with families, we...

Eat Chinese food at restaurants that see daily gross sales on Christmas eve that are higher than their previous six months combined.

See movies

Focus very hard on building the best gingerbread houses because we feel left out:

Build a damn good gingerbread house for a bunch of Jews...

Learn how to make fortune cookies from scratch...

Play in the massive piles of snow that fell. And by play I mean shovel my cousin's driveway.

And that is what we do. Now what do you all do on Christmas? It remains a mystery to me. I do not understand what you do all day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vacation recap

In the spirit of the previous post...the answers to your burning questions:

Yes, we went on a cruise.

No, everyone was not over the age of 75.

Yes, we did make vacation best friends, but no they were not geriatric. (will follow up more later)

Yes, I do plan to move to the Caribbean. I saw their real estate, it needs some serious management help. Match made in heaven.

Yes, the weather was perfect. 85 and sunny every day. Rained for 3 minutes in St. Lucia, but the rain was a welcome sight.

No, we did not buy any art. The art director was quite snooty and gave us nasty looks every time we walked through the gallery. Lost himself a sale due to his attitude. Don't judge a book by its cover buddy.

Yes, we did buy one souvenir. Accidentally. When the matre'd came to our table on 'Italian' night selling shot glasses of Limoncello. I got stressed out. He gave one to everyone and then asked if we wanted to buy it for $4.95. Everyone else bought theirs so I got stressed out and said I'll take it. Unlimited Limoncello for the day and a shot glass. Too bad I don't like Limoncello, and don't really have a use for a 'Caribbean Princess' shot glass.

Yes, we did take every opportunity to get our photos taken on the ship by their 'professional' photographers. I will scan and post one soon. It is absolutely hilarious.

No, I did not get sunburned! (except for on one portion of my ankle, very strange)

Yes, I would go on another cruise again, but maybe try a different cruise line. We were disappointed by the lack of towel origami.

In reference to the friends we made - they are great. Our first night on the ship we sat in a big group for dinner with strangers (we chose the anytime dining option). Two out of the four couples at the table appeared to be certifiably crazy (one insisting that he get his steak as an appetizer and a salad at dessert time). The other couple seemed quite normal and we really enjoyed chatting with them. However, when we left, Jeremy and I felt a bit nervous. Did they like us? Were they just being nice? We realized that making friends is a bit like dating.

Do they want to go on another 'date' with us? Should we let them call first? We don't want to be overbearing. We let them take the next step and in the end enjoyed dining and spending our evenings with them. However, next time you get stressed about dating, remember, its really actually the same as making new friends.

See facebook for photos. Studio portrait and story to follow in next blog post.