Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And one more thing

About the bunnies at the humane society...

they had the strangest names. As we stood there and watched, little girls squealed, "Look at Fluffy muffy playing with Mr. Squiggle pants!"
"Oh, I love Baby Bounce Around"
"Did you see Hoppity Hop on the slide?"
"I can't believe how large Marshmallow fluff has gotten!"

And I am not kidding. These rabbits had the strangest names. Not as though my dog has the most normal name in the world, but you just would not stand in your yard and scream, "Mr. Squigle Pants, go potty". Lesson learned, owning a rabbit means you can name them something absolutely ludicrous. Not to mention the 12 year old girl with a fleece hat with long floppy ears sewn on to it. Rabbit people are strange.

Pigs on the other hand...pig owners are amazing. So this is my new thing, I really want a tea cup pig.

And I want to name it Bacon. Or perhaps Honey baked. Come on, you have to admit they are completely adorable. Punky and Bacon. It's perfect!


Scorpicon said...

Now I think I need a dog named Mr. Squiggle Pants.

And I think since you're a Jewish household, you should name your pig Bacos, since they're Kosher. ;-)

CreatedbyVanessa said...

I enjoyed sharing you Hoppy Hour. Thanks.