Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Someone had a case of the Tuesday's

Yesterday, I arrive at work in a good mood. The day begins somewhat uneventfully, aside from being stood up for a second time by a tenant I was supposed to meet.

Around 11:30 I was asked to run out and meet a coworker and a movie producer who wanted to look at one of my buildings for a possible movie. Apparently the movie has some scenes in a bank, and occupied banks will not allow them to shoot, and we just happen to own two vacant banks. I begin to scramble as I am supposed to meet them in 10 minutes, though the location is 15 minutes away, and I cannot find my keys.

Finally I just say, to heck with it and leave, without keys, hoping I can find a lock box on the building. I arrive, and walk towards the building to meet them. Now as I mentioned this is a vacant building and therefore we do not plow the snow. The parking lot is filled, waist high with snow. I apologize for the massive amounts of snow we are about to experience, and then take the first steps, ahead of everyone else into the avalanche that is, this parking lot. Step one...this snow is deeper than I thought. Step two...I am face first into a pile of snow. Yes, I was unable to plant the second foot and therefore fell, face first into the snow embankment wearing a dress, tights and boots.

I struggle to right myself and attempt to repair my pride. Hollywood movie producer and coworker standing behind me as I flail in the snow. Head to toe, covered in snow, and later just plain wet.

Yes, I had a case of the Tuesdays.


Scorpicon said...

So how did the rest of the showing go?

Kara Frank said...

I think they're going to use one of our banks for the it was positive regardless of my tumble.