Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vacation recap

In the spirit of the previous post...the answers to your burning questions:

Yes, we went on a cruise.

No, everyone was not over the age of 75.

Yes, we did make vacation best friends, but no they were not geriatric. (will follow up more later)

Yes, I do plan to move to the Caribbean. I saw their real estate, it needs some serious management help. Match made in heaven.

Yes, the weather was perfect. 85 and sunny every day. Rained for 3 minutes in St. Lucia, but the rain was a welcome sight.

No, we did not buy any art. The art director was quite snooty and gave us nasty looks every time we walked through the gallery. Lost himself a sale due to his attitude. Don't judge a book by its cover buddy.

Yes, we did buy one souvenir. Accidentally. When the matre'd came to our table on 'Italian' night selling shot glasses of Limoncello. I got stressed out. He gave one to everyone and then asked if we wanted to buy it for $4.95. Everyone else bought theirs so I got stressed out and said I'll take it. Unlimited Limoncello for the day and a shot glass. Too bad I don't like Limoncello, and don't really have a use for a 'Caribbean Princess' shot glass.

Yes, we did take every opportunity to get our photos taken on the ship by their 'professional' photographers. I will scan and post one soon. It is absolutely hilarious.

No, I did not get sunburned! (except for on one portion of my ankle, very strange)

Yes, I would go on another cruise again, but maybe try a different cruise line. We were disappointed by the lack of towel origami.

In reference to the friends we made - they are great. Our first night on the ship we sat in a big group for dinner with strangers (we chose the anytime dining option). Two out of the four couples at the table appeared to be certifiably crazy (one insisting that he get his steak as an appetizer and a salad at dessert time). The other couple seemed quite normal and we really enjoyed chatting with them. However, when we left, Jeremy and I felt a bit nervous. Did they like us? Were they just being nice? We realized that making friends is a bit like dating.

Do they want to go on another 'date' with us? Should we let them call first? We don't want to be overbearing. We let them take the next step and in the end enjoyed dining and spending our evenings with them. However, next time you get stressed about dating, remember, its really actually the same as making new friends.

See facebook for photos. Studio portrait and story to follow in next blog post.

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Scorpicon said...

The worst thing about your trip really was the lack of towel origami. That's pretty much a crime against cruise-going humanity.