Monday, February 8, 2010

I saw the $104,000,000 statute...

Right here, in White Bear Lake!!

In case you hadn't heard, Sotheby's auction house recently auctioned off its highest record sale to date. They sold Alberto Giacometti's, "Walking Man" for $104 Million.

See below:

And lo and behold, when I was at a leadership retreat last weekend, I saw it!

Or basically the same thing. Whatever. But I'm pretty sure the White Bear Country Inn didn't pay $104 million for their sculpture.

And it leads me to the obvious question we all must be asking ourselves, in this "Biggest Economic Downturn of our Generation", who is buying a statute for $104 million. I guess you can clearly see that I was not the anonymous buyer. My sculptures tend to come from TJ Maxx.

And even then...they're on clearance.

Who am I kidding, I don't even own a sculpture. But if I did, it would come from TJ Maxx.

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