Monday, March 8, 2010

It's true, we're buying a house!

I think most of you know this by now, but if not - Jeremy and I are buying a house. Currently, we own our condo downtown Minneapolis, which we absolutely love. However, life changes, and people grow, and now it is time to move on to a house with more space - and maybe, just maybe we can actually see some of those wedding gifts we got!

(They are currently residing in Frank Family Storage West i.e. Beth and Jay Weinblatt's house)

This home we are purchasing is about the ugliest house you've ever seen. It is a bright shade of green with some peeling paint, over grown trees, original appliances from 1947 and even lacks flooring. Why, you may ask are we purchasing this home? sits atop an incredible lot in the North Tyrol neighborhood, and has excellent redevelopment potential. And we are a bit crazy.

We will be gutting, renovating, and adding on to this home, and it will look nothing like it does today. We hope. I hate green. I don't even eat green candy.
(this is what it's going to look like after!)
(okay, so maybe not...maybe more like this)
We close on this home on March 17th - St. Patrick's day! How appropriate for our bright green house!

This weekend, on a routine drive by we noticed something unusual. Now let me preface this with the fact that this has not been the smoothest home buying transaction, and we have run into some bumps in the road. However, this, I feared, would be a mountain of a bump....
Yes, that's right, a giant front end loader parked in our driveway. Of course, in my mind, I was sure the sellers or the bank were going to tear down the house, or put a hole in it, or do something to make us mad. OR, the alternate option was that our builder was confused and thought they were supposed to start demo now - not the case.

My mind was racing. I was freaking out. And that is putting it mildly.

Turns out it was not there to demolish the home we were about to purchase, rather, it was there to perform a sewer modification required by code. Uh yea, I knew that. Totally. What, Me? Freak out? Never... I am always totally calm and rational.

Thankfully, our house is still standing! And as of next Wednesday at 11:00am, we not be the owners of two homes, but "Real Estate Moguls" as we like to say.

Hopefully not for too long!


Scorpicon said...

Wow! Sounds like some of the bumps we'd heard about are cleared up then?

Can't wait to celebrate your mogulship soon! ;-)

Kara Frank said...

cleared up enough for now... said...

wow! i like the house you chose. if you can afford a house with a wide lawn would really be great especially if you have children already. congrats to both of you!
i'm a real estate agent. how i wish i could make a sale so that i can build my own house too!