Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a classy Friday night

Friday is without a doubt my favorite day of the week for the following reasons:

--I actually really like my job a lot, so I work, but we do so in an unstated, slightly more casual manner. Which is good. I think we all need to relax a bit.

--Friday holds great promise of the impending weekend. The fun plans, the sleep, the productiveness. Ya know, that Friday feeling.

--My husband is happier because he can wear jeans to work. I cannot imagine why he would not enjoy having a rope tied around his neck all week. And by rope, I mean tie.

--Friday in 1st grade meant Friday Fun Club. Not that I would know. I was never allowed to go. Nope, got in trouble for playing in class so I was not allowed to go to Friday Fun club. But I heard great things about it. I hear they had candy, and games. Poor little 6 year old Kara did not know, and instead had to sit in her classroom and write "I will not talk in class" 100 times on the wall.
(just as an aside) (Friday could have been fun...potential Friday fun)
And then I was kicked out. Kicked out of public school for playing in class. Does that look like a girl who should be kicked out of school? Public school, maybe you should have taken a lesson from me and played a bit more.

Clearly I am digressing. It is Monday after all.

Regardless, Friday night Jeremy and I decided to do something very fun. So that something very fun included the following
Eating fat free, sugar free pudding and free wine from a vendor on the couch with the dog. Oh yea, we're livin' the high life. Come along for the ride.

If you ever care to join, we most always have cheap wine and fat free pudding. Killer combo.

And Today's blog topic was brought to you by the letter W for worthless, and the number 8. Because I've always liked the number 8.

Every once in a while I have to grace you with some randomness.

On a final side note, I promise, I'm almost done. We had two showings of our condo on Saturday and I'm pretty certain one of the two wants it. Just a feeling I have. Haven't heard from either one, but I'm confident. Joseph is buried on the deck. Cookies were baked and set out. They ate the cookies.

So keep thinking positive thoughts along with me. Please and thank you.


Rachel Rosen said...

That picture almost made me spit coffee all over my laptop! LOVE IT!

Rachel Rosen said...

Yay! I can post comments now!

Kara Frank said...

And you can't quite see, but those leggings that Robyn is wearing are shimmery. HOTT

Debra Fiterman said...

This is quite possibly my favorite blog post ever. It is right up there with dance lessons. LOVE!

Sara said...

As I was scrolling I first did not notice that Robyn was wearing leggings.. I'm loving the expressions!

Who's Joseph and why did you bury him? Did I miss something?

Robyn said...

When my mom saw that picture again a few years ago she said "Why did I let you wear such a short dress?" I said "Mom, that's not a dress it's an oversized sweatshirt!" In addition to the hot pink shimmery leggings you should take note of the white socks over the leggings. :)

Scorpicon said...

I'm totally sending you good someone-buying-your-condo vibes.