Monday, March 22, 2010

My thoughts on Facebook

I have a love/hate relationship with facebook.

I love to peer into the lives of people I have known well at different points in my life, but for whatever reason am not close with right now.

I love to know whose dating whom. Even if I don't know them.

I love to see what the boyfriend looks like. And kids where applicable.

I love to know that my life is not the only totally crazy one.

I love it when people 20+ years older than me are on there posting on eachother's walls. Especially when it's totally inappropriate.

I love it when someone posts something on another's wall and forgets that the entire world is now going to get a message that you wrote that on the other person's wall. The world is watching. This is big brother. You signed up for it.

I don't love that my entire facebook community seems to be on Spring Break somewhere right now.

I also do not love that I am not on said Spring Break.

I do not love it when you are out with someone and they are posting on facebook. Example: Eating sushi at Benihana and the friend posts, "Sushi @ Benihana". I am here with you and I don't even care. What makes you think the general public cares what you just consumed?

I do not love when you post things like, "Editing photos", "Running to Caribou" or "Grabbing dinner with my sweetie"

I much prefer things like, "Just started dating XYZ person", "Pregnant with baby #47!" or something funny your child just said. Particularly the kid sayings...those are the best.

I do not enjoy when you announce you have just purchased a home and it is not my home that happens to be for sale. That one's totally selfish. But true.

So think wisely next time you post something on facebook and make darn sure that it is going to provide me with complete entertainment. The worse the better, I love to see bad haircuts, unfortunate nights out and babies of the day. So if you don't have that, lay off. I'm not real interested in your sleeping habits nor do I think they are facebook worthy.

(I hope you realize I am kidding. Well 45% kidding)


Debra Fiterman said...

Why do I get the feeling that the sleeping habits remark was aimed at me? :-) Hopefully I make up for it with my wit and humor at other times.

Kara Frank said...

no, turns out i have many facebook friends who think their sleeping habits are interesting to people other than themselves.

Sara said...

Ha! You totally just posted about buying a house that wasn't your condo! (ya I know, not the point, but I totally laughed when I saw that)

friné said...

hahahha, sorry to say that in spanish but, me ha encantado. i mean, was great ;)

Anonymous said...

Kara I enjoyed this, most of whats people post are a bore.

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