Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I love my job. I really do. And that is not sarcasm. I really do enjoy what I do. And I get the pleasure of working for a company that helps out in the community. Yesterday, we participated in a Habitat For Humanity project. We helped a homeowner who lived in a neighborhood in St. Paul that has been hit hard by foreclosure. The home next door, a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom home, recently sold after foreclosure for $42,000. This woman had been running into repair after repair on the interior of her home, and just did not have the time or money to do the outside, and thus asked for our help.

We went out there, helped and had a great time doing it. If any of you are looking for a great project with your company or a larger group of family members of friends, I highly recommend these projects.

We painted, and scraped, and climbed, and painted some more. A great day. We were packing up to leave and I was standing by a tree chatting with a coworker, and the homeowner.

I feel something hit me in the forehead.
I look across the group to see another coworker standing across me and proceed to accuse him of throwing something at me.
The group's faces go blank.
My assistant, Amie, looks at me and starts to scramble.
"WHAT IS ON ME?" I exclaim
"Bird P..."the homeowner begins to say until Amie just about knocks her down so she doesn't finish her comment
(side note: I hate birds. HATE birds. I love all animals except birds. Amie knows this)
"Nothing, its nothing Kara" states Amie as she grabs my sunglasses off my face

I begin to scream. Scream as though my child has just fallen into the river, scream. I am shaking and laughing, and screaming bloody murder. People have now gathered around. Amie has found a wipe up and the homeowner has grabbed a paint towel.

The two of them begin to wipe me down and try to calm me down. I continue to scream as they smear and try to clean the largest poo any bird has ever expelled from my face, hair and shirt.

5 minutes later they completed the clean up. Until I got home, and threw away everything I had worn. Showered. And found remnants in my hair.

Great day, until the bird decided to poop mid flight. Thanks bird. No wonder I hate you.


legendswife said...

Ahhhhh. Ahhh...OK I know that you did that too. I've had the same thing happen and oooo...grrr. See I still have a bad taste in my mouth about it.

God Bless

Amie said...

The screaming basically consisted of "I HATE BIIIIIIRDS! I HATE BIIIIRDS" All of East St. Paul is now aware that this girl does in fact hate birds.

BerrYlLCioUS said...

What work do you do ?

You know - in South africa - they say its good luck if a birds poos on your shoulder - never happened to me tho - but i never heard anything about your forehead ---
why do you hate birds so much ?

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Rachel Rosen said...

How did this little story not come up at dinner last night?


A bird once pooped on my chest when I was laying out by a pool. Even after cleaning it off with soap and water and swimming in a chlorinated pool I still felt dirty.... ugh, so gross!

Simone Prado Ribeiro said...

oi! Realmente é muito bom fazer aquilo que gostamos e principalemtne quando envolve o trabalho; eu ,por enquanto, não trabalho,mas amo aquilo que faço que é estudar.


Unknown said...

That is, birds other than Icky....