Friday, April 9, 2010

Lessons learned...

Please review the following....

And now I will ask the obvious question to you. What is that? If you saw that sign, what do you think it would mean?

Now let me pause this quandary to frame the question. Earlier this week we saw a neighbor on our floor walking to the East side of the building down the hallway carrying a bag of trash. However, the trash chute is located on the far West side of the hallway at the other end of the building. Jeremy and I saw this woman, looked at one another and paused.

Has there been a trash chute right outside our condo all this time and we have had no idea? Have we walked 100 necessary steps each time in pursuit of a garbage receptacle? Have we wasted precious time going to a farther location?

The woman woman walked past and I took off running to review the situation and come across the aforementioned sign. "Area of Refuge". JER - WHAT THE HECK - THE AREA OF REFUGE HAS BEEN RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR CONDO ALL THIS TIME.

Jeremy walks over to me. Refuge, Kara? Really? Behind that door is a stairwell. I think you meant area of Refuse.

Okay, honest mistake.

Who says Area of Refuge?

Apparently not just the Groveland. After explaining the circumstance to Debra, she sends me the photo below a few days later.

Apparently the West End also feels it is necessary to call a stairwell 'Area of Refuge'.

Why not 'Stairwell'. Or 'Fallout Shelter'. Or I know...'EXIT'.

Just a thought.

Area of Refuge. Come on people.


Cory said...

Ahh, the area of refuge. As an architect, I know exactly what that is. :)

It's an area on a multi-level structure where you can place people in wheelchairs or otherwise non-ambulatory persons where they are "reasonably" protected from fire, smoke, etc. while they await rescue personnel.

It's a building code requirement

Kelsie said...

hmmm, took me until the very end to figure out what it meant!

Kara Frank said...

See!!! Makes no sense!