Monday, April 19, 2010

Out on the town. Maybe.

Saturday night was quite a night. Let me provide you with a play by play:

Setting: Jeremy and Kara are going to see the play Avenue Q. Dinner reservations at 6:00, play is at 8:00. Tickets were purchased from a friend of a friend.

5:30: "Kara, do you know where the tickets are?"
"Uh...yea, top drawer in the kitchen"
"Nope, not here."
5:40: "I FOUND the tin foil and zip-lock baggie drawer. Doesn't everyone keep play tickets with their tin foil?"

5:45: "Kara...Kara...WE HAVE A PROBLEM"
"What do you need now??"
"Kara...these tickets are for Friday, April 16th...Today is Saturday, April 17th"
"I am staying calm, I am staying calm. This is my new thing, I am remaining calm. Jeremy...get the number of the box office"
"Found it..."
(I call and learn that they have a 'missed show policy'...we can show up at the box office and turn our tickets in and if they have available seats they will seat us 10 minutes before the show starts)

We jump in a cab. Halfway to the restaurant I decide I want the cab to take me to the box office so I can drop off our tickets early to have a better chance. After a fight with the cab driver who did not want to make an extra stop...I got him to pull over. Jeremy waited in the car. I ran into the main box office. CLOSED. I run outside and find the Orpehum box office...3 blocks away. I am in heels and a dress. I take off running.

Plowing people down on my way I start running through Downtown Minneapolis. I run past the hoards of people waiting in line for student rush tickets. Kids who barely look old enough to drive.

I turn in my tickets, and just about start to cry. Had it not been for the sweaty makeup pouring all over my face, I likely would have been in tears. Have I mentioned there's a lot going on in my life right now?

I leave and look at my phone. Text from Jeremy.
"Cab is waiting outside the Capital Grill"

Fantastic. Capital grill is now 5 blocks from where I am. I take off running once again. This time late for our dinner reservation, I run full speed ahead through busy downtown Minneapolis foot traffic in a dress, heels, and a clutch purse. If only there were video footage of said event.

I find the cab and literally fall in. We get to the restaurant, I down 2 glasses of water and compose myself. Jeremy orders a bottle of wine. Quite needed after this ordeal. He orders a bottle of white wine. She brings something red and presents it to him.
"Uh, no, that's not what I ordered"
"Damn" she says
she stomps away and comes back a few minutes later
"If this isn't it, then I'm just going to hang myself" she states
Jeremy looks at the bottle, looks at me, shrinks down in his chair and quietly explains,
"No, that's not it either"
"S*&%, Fu$(*#$" The waitress retorts

Not kidding. I could not make this up.

She returns 5 minutes later, with the correct bottle, the correct color this time.

We eat. We leave. Arrive at the theater and sulk up to the counter. Ms. Frank, your tickets.


We walk up to the seating host and he looks at us and says, "Row U, let me get you some chairs"

We look at one another, chairs? Chairs? We walk down, get some chairs...and saw the play. Turns out the chairs are much better for miniature people like us...we could actually see. Not so much the relaxing night out on the town we had anticipated, but certainly one for the record books.

Lesson of the day, when you get tickets, double check them, even if you are think you know the details. Double check. Lesson #2: heels and a dress are not ideal running gear.
Lesson #3: If you are in the service industry, I do not recommend swearing to your customer.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sounds like my flight from Athens to Istanbul, which I knew was at 10am and when we got to the airport at 8:45 was no where to be found on the board how could this be I planned the whole trip myself. We actually even got real paper tickets in the mail months before our departure...but wait there was a flight at 9am. Opps. At least we made it, but so unlike me!

Nicole said... was the show??? :)

Kara Frank said...

Oh yea - show was great - LOVED it! I had seen it before, but Jeremy had not. He even liked it!