Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend update...

My apologies for not posting additional wedding photos as planned. We ran into a bit of a glitch and realized that we had loaned all of our photo CD's out to others and don't actually have any ourselves. So it you have one, could we borrow it back - so ya know, we have pictures of our own wedding! That is the trouble with living with half of your belongings packed at your parents house, you're really not ever sure where anything is.

I will post them soon. Promise.

In the meantime...anniversary weekend update!Jeremy planned an amazing weekend at a cute Inn in Downsville, Wisconsin. It was plugged as, "The Birdhouse Inn has ten non-smoking rooms with king beds and double whirlpool tubs. Every room has a view to our woods, grounds and two oxbow ponds. Inn rooms are spacious with vaulted ceilings and beautiful handmade tiles in the bathrooms. Organic bedding includes sheets, duvet covers and quilts. Our comforters and pillows are made from Wisconsin sheep wool covered in 100% organic cotton from Kerry Hills Farms near Milwaukee.

Which it was, but I may need to hire those marketing people to write the descriptions of the buildings I manage too.

It was a bit more like this....

But regardless. We had a GREAT time. Ate some delicious food (and I am not for passover!), slept a ton, relaxed, found a great running trail on the river. All in all a wonderful weekend. Minus the exaggeration on the room quaintness. You should have seen our faces when the guy walked us in to the room. Priceless. Jeremy liked to call it the 'retreat center' because that's really what it looked like. It looked like a wilderness retreat where we should have been discussing our feelings and doing trust falls.

Trust falls with seriously awesome food.

And now Punky. We tried really hard to grow her hair out, because it's so darn cute when its long...but it got a little out of control. I seriously have 5 different brushes for 5 different hair scenarios. Wet, matted, long, short and snarly. I don't even have 5 brushes for myself. So...after 3 months without a hair cut, little Punk went from:


Looks like a different dog! Sorry Rachel and Debra...I know you love the long hair. But she really likes her new do!

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Scorpicon said...

That is not the face of a dog who loves her new hair cut. ;-)

Oh well. The good news is: the hair grows back. :-)