Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zen works

I didn't want to say anything until we knew it was real...well I guess we technically won't know that it's real until June 18. And no, we're NOT having a baby....

We sold our condo!! Literally two days after giving myself the, "I will be calm, I will just let it happen" talk, we had a showing, and then the next day, another showing, and then an offer! I think I will give this zen thinking a chance more often.

So...we close on June 18th. And I am petrified. But it will all work out, and it's a great thing, and I am excited for the next stage. But sad at the same time. We have loved The Groveland and will miss it.

I will miss our favorite 80+ year old couple, The Chases who live on the 1st floor. I will miss hearing stories about their bicycle built for two and I will miss the late night calls from Mrs. Chase when she is doped up on pain meds for her many ailments.

I will not miss that guy in the gym who smells funny and insists on watching ESPN. Seriously, ESPN is the worst station ever. Especially in the morning when the clear choice, The Today Show, is on TV.

I will miss the Groveland social hours on the rooftop deck. We have enjoyed socializing with the average 45 year old crowd and listening to discussions their many divorces and how they, "divorced well".

I will not miss the homeless men who bathe in our front fountain.

I will miss 85 degree parking garage. That's not half bad in January.

I will not miss the Target symbol patterned carpet. I feel like the Target symbol is chasing me everywhere I go.

I will miss the postings in the elevator. Favorites include, "Dog committee will meet on 3/25 to discuss switch from plastic to paper dog waste bags" and "There have been several attacks in the neighborhood, please be careful when walking outside late at night" - thanks for warning me, all this time I thought it was okay to walk outside late at night in the middle of Minneapolis.

I will miss the many dogs. I do not know the names of anyone in the building. I simply know them as, "Duke's Dad", "Charlie's mom" and "Hoover's parents". And yes, that is how we refer to each other in the hallways..."Oh hi there...how is Punky's mom today?"

I still believe we live in the best building in Minneapolis. We will miss it dearly. But most of all...

We will miss our best friends who live one floor below us. I always dreamed of living in the cast of 'Friends'. And then, it kindof happened. Dinner was at whomever had time to cook. When we ran out of eggs, we walk downstairs. When we needed to vent, we walked downstairs.

And when Debra met Alex, we could stalk them and track their whereabouts by weather his car was at the Groveland. And when Alex proposed to Debra, we could sneak down at 5am to deliver flowers to the bride to be. The good news is, we can now start searching for houses for them, right by our new house!

Goodbye Groveland. (on June 18th) We will miss you.


Debra Fiterman said...

Ok...now I'm crying. I really never, ever could have imagined how AMAZING it would be to have you as upstairs neighbors. I guess we will have to befriend the Chase's now. But I don't think that she makes the delicious dinners you do. Or the runny lemon bars. And I highly doubt she will leave baked goods on my door. Or make me a t-shirt quilt. Or walk 60 miles with me. I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!!

Kara Frank said...

Oh the runny lemon bars. That was one for the scrapbook. For those of you who were not there - I made kosher for passover lemon bars which never set up - but I kept trying to salvage them. And then I accidentally tipped them over in the oven, all throughout and into the door. And Debra and Alex still tried to humor me and pretend to eat it.

Scorpicon said...

Seriously, that was a sweet blog. :-) I'm glad we've still got more than a month, and that even when you do move, you'll only be a short drive away. And of course, we will need to move in next door. ;-)

Thanks for all the awesome times at The Groveland, you will be missed there.

Rachel Rosen said...

Debra and Alex's loss is my and Sam's gain....mmmmm, runny lemon bars, I can get behind that! :-)

GV is the place to be. I am so happy for you guys, and I can't wait to watch you transform the house you bought into your home.