Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 days late....

Sorry, apparently I missed the Mother's Day blogging memo and didn't write about my mom...woops. Still love you mom!

So here is my ode to my mom.

(my mom and aunt the day we surprised my aunt with a puppy. Maybe not the best idea in the world!)

Well first of all, my mom is better than yours because I have two of them! Yup, I get double duty because my mom is an identical twin!

And if you know me, or my family at all, you know that they are not referenced as individual people, but rather, "are you a daughter of one of the twins?" Why yes I am. And it's usually not worth telling them which one is your mother because they still do not know which one that is. And this encounter typically occurs at the Ridgedale Byerly's. Where they are regulars in the bakery department.

Short story: This past week I called my mom during the day, one of my 74 daily phone calls. I asked what she was doing because she sounded completely stressed out.
"Well, we have to run here and get this for Grandma, and go there to get dinner for them, and do this, and that..."
"Oy, that is a lot to get done. I'm sorry" I responded

I got home later and retold the story to Jeremy, recounting that they were running all around. He asks: "Did they ever think that perhaps if they just split up and divided the tasks, they could get it done in half the time?"
"Nope, never even thought of that. Thought did not cross my mind" I responded

And that is pretty much the story of my fabulous mom and auntie. So happy belated mother's day! May you always be completely inefficient but have fun doing it! What an amazing example of friendship they have demonstrated for my sister, cousins and myself.


Scorpicon said...

Great story! That's totally adorable. :-)

Robyn said...

Kara's right having two moms is much better than one. One of my moms can hem a pair of jeans while the other can help you navigate St. Paul. All of my friends know who "Auntie" is without my even saying her name. Happy Mother's Day to my two AMAZING moms!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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